Panasonic’s entire 2024 TV range is rich in OLED – including one with a built-in soundbar that should worry the LG C4

Panasonic 2024 OLED TV lineup on display

Panasonic has unveiled its full 2024 TV range and in addition to the already announced flagship Panasonic Z95A OLED, there are several new OLEDs, a mini LED and a group of LED models.

The Z95A uses MLA technology to improve brightness levels over last year’s Panasonic MZ2000, one of the best TVs of 2023. Panasonic’s new Z93A has the same specs as the Z95A, but doesn’t have MLA technology and is only available in a 77 inch size. The other new OLEDs include the Z90A, which has the same HCX AI Mk II processor and similar gaming support as the Z95A, but uses a standard W-OLED panel. The Z90A will also feature a built-in soundbar in all sizes, even the smaller 42- and 48-inch models.

The new Z85A also uses the HCX AI MK II processor and supports similar gaming features to the more premium Z95A and Z90A, but has a different sound system. Finally, the Z80A serves as the entry-level OLED for 2024. This model uses the step-down HCX processor and does not support as many gaming features as the more premium models.

Panasonic LED TVs 2024

Panasonic’s 2024 LED TVs for 2024 (Image credit: Future)

Panasonic also introduced the W95A, a mini LED TV with similar gaming features to the premium Z95A and Z90A OLEDs plus the HCX AI Processor MK II.

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