‘Typical Gamer’ Andre Rebelo Launches ‘Super Studio’ Gaming Company JOGO with $2 Million Investment in ‘Fortnite’ Content

Andre Rebelo, better known as “Typical Gamer” to his millions of fans on “Fortnite” and YouTube, has launched gaming company JOGO, described as “super studio” that will invest more than $2 million in gaming development through Unreal Engine for “Fortnite .”

Rebelo will serve as the company’s CEO and set the company’s direction, alongside Chad Mustard as the studio’s COO and Mark Price as CTO.

Over 15 years of gaming streaming on YouTube as a Typical Gamer, Rebelo has amassed 23.7 million followers, an average of 105 million monthly views, and 8 billion lifetime views. He is one of Fortnite’s most recognizable and influential creators and has a specific focus on family-friendly content.

Typical Gamer is currently ranked as the sixth top creator in Fortnite Creative, with an average daily count of 20,000 players on “Fortnite’s” top 10 most played maps, including “Super Red vs. Blue,” “OnlyUp Time Travel” and its original content “Fortnut” and “Toy Bed Wars.” Collectively, Rebelo’s cards have been played almost 200 million times by 44 million unique players

But Rebelo’s long-term plan is to expand JOGO’s development beyond the maps of ‘Fornite’.

“We’ve been working on this secretly for about a year now. We have put together the best possible,” said Rebelo Variety. “We currently have more than twenty employees. And we’ve released some of the most popular games in ‘Fortnite’, played almost 200 million times with over 50 million unique players, which is pretty insane. Those numbers are just wild to see. So the entire studio here at JOGO is made to make fun games. We want to make the best games in ‘Fortnite’ and also expand further to create our own IP that can live in movies and television shows and perhaps on other UGC platforms or as standalone games themselves. JOGO is at its core a gaming company that wants to make the best games possible.”

Rebelo’s team says it wants to recruit “very aggressively” from the talent pool of AAA game developers, at a time when larger gaming companies have been making significant layoffs and closing studios. Typical Gamer will hire more than 20 additional developers for a team of 35-40 at JOGO, which will include a content lab dedicated to experimenting with new elements, formats and game mechanics, and an incubation program that will train developers in the new Verse programming language

“It’s really sad what’s happening in the industry as a catalyst for things that have been happening for years – but it’s also a big opportunity for the future of gaming and what players want,” said Price. “And it’s all about these experiences and these UGC platforms. We are now able to make games significantly faster; we’re talking three months versus six years. My background comes from game engineering and I worked on ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ for a while, and normal game development sucks. It’s hard and you don’t get to see your work for years, or sometimes the games get shut down. Now a AAA developer can come into the space like me and I don’t have to rebuild anything, I can just use the tools and make fun games. And it changed everything, both for the players and for the developer. So this is a really great time to get into this space if you’re a developer because this is where the players are and this is where the money is. We’re getting more players on ‘Fornite’ alone than most games that spent $20 million on development, which blows my mind.”

COO Mustard points to the more than $320 million that Fortnite parent company Epic Games paid out to the makers of ‘Fornite’ in 2023 as evidence of the profitability baked into JOGO at launch.

“The monetization is there right now, but we’re looking at the future of other platforms like Roblox, maybe ‘Grand Theft Auto 6,’ if they have a program there, to our own games on mobile or AAA or whatever,” Mustard said. “We have a lot of opportunities to monetize that or even through partnerships with other brands. There are monetization opportunities outside of Fortnite’s creative system, which is already very lucrative. But we have many plans to monetize other platforms in the future.”

Watch the announcement video for the launch of JOGO below.

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