Best Clipless Pedals 2024 – the perfect pedaling platform for any type of ride

Best clipless pedals 2024 – the perfect pedalling platform for every type of riding

Clipless pedals provide a tight, secure connection between bike and rider that are easier to release than the previous system of straps and slotted cleats, but which of the many systems is best for you?

  • Best clipless pedals overall: Shimano PD-R7000 pedals

  • Best value road pedals: Look Keo 2 Max Carbon pedals

  • Best clipless pedals for lots of float: Wahoo Speedplay Zero pedals

  • Best clipless pedals for a good price: Shimano PD-M520 SPD pedals

  • Best Clipless Pedals for Lightweight Performance: Time Xpro 10 Pedals

  • Best Clipless Pedals for Mud Loss: Crankbrothers Eggbeater 3 Pedals

Clipless pedals are more efficient than regular shoes and flat pedals because they hold and keep your feet in the right place on the pedals. They are designed for use with stiff-soled shoes, which further improve efficiency and increase your comfort while riding.

All clipless pedal systems use cleats that bolt to the soles of cycling-specific shoes. When you start riding, place the cleat on top of the pedal and push down, causing them to click together. When you want to free your foot, turn your heel to the side. Simple enough!

Your first choice with clipless pedals is between single-sided and double-sided designs. Single-sided are generally lighter and simpler; double sided are easier to get into and usually provide shoes you can walk in.

Next, you need to decide which clipless system suits you best. For single-sided pedals, the most important systems are Look Keo, Shimano SPD-SL, Time and Speedplay. The pedals and cleats on these systems are not interchangeable, although you can get pedals from other brands that are compatible with Look Keo cleats, for example.

Shimano SPD rules the double-sided market, but there are several other systems on the market, such as Time and Crank Brothers.

To save weight, pedal makers use materials like carbon fiber and titanium, and will use ceramic bearings on their high-end pedals; heavier riders are best off steering freely and such pedals often have a limit on the rider’s weight.

Whatever type of ride you’re doing, we have the best clipless pedals for you.

How we rate clipless pedals

As with all products, we assign each set of clipless pedals to a reviewer who we believe is a target customer. If they are lightweight single-sided pedals, we’ll give them to a racer. If they throw mud on double-sided pedals, we’ll give them to an all-terrain vehicle. Likewise, if the pedals are designed for trekking or commuting, we ensure that there is an appropriate person on board to ensure they are tested under the right conditions and to the right criteria. reviewers use a product for as long as necessary to get a good understanding of how well it works. We ensure that pedals are used extensively to measure their performance, durability and ease of use. We prefer to do it well rather than do it quickly.

We believe this comprehensive assessment process provides valuable insights into how the pedals are regularly used under different conditions.

Why you can trust us

When it comes to’s buyer’s guides, we only recommend products that have impressed us in the reviews. All clipless pedals featured here scored a total of 4 out of 5 stars or more from our reviewers, which in our reviewers’ opinion indicates very good or excellent quality.

Our reviewers are all experienced cyclists, and so are the team members who put together these guides. That means you can rest assured that the product selections are our real top picks, and not just a list of things we can earn a commission on.

With that said, it’s time to dive into our selections. Clipless pedals are not evolving as quickly as some other components. Brands tend to stick with their pedal/cleat systems for years, though sometimes they play around with materials and platform size, dropping some weight here and there.

Most of our picks are from the past three or four years, although some are from older reviews. They are all still in their respective ranges. We’ve included all types of clipless pedals, whether you’re a road racer, gravel rider, touring cyclist or city cyclist. We’ve got everything from superlight road designs to mud-resistant mountain bike pedals, so you’re sure to find the best clipless pedals for you.

You’ll find our overall top picks first, followed by many more recommendations, and finally our Q&A section. You can also read our article on everything you need to know about pedals if you want some more information before making a decision. Whatever type of clipless pedals you are looking for, keep reading…

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