Half of all PlayStation gamers have yet to upgrade to PS5, Sony Stats Reveal – IGN

As the PlayStation 5 enters the second half of its lifespan, figures from Sony indicate that around half of all current PlayStation gamers have yet to upgrade to the current generation.

As Game File’s Stephen Totilo has noted, Sony announced this week that PlayStation has 118 million monthly active users (MAUs), up 9% year-over-year, but about half of those are still on the 11-year-old PlayStation 4 .PS5 has sold over 59 million units since it went on sale in November 2020, and has yet to see a price cut. Sony has even increased the price of the console.

Speaking to the investment community (as reported by Totilo), Sony president Hiroki Totoki painted a rosy picture of the situation, saying that MAUs will steadily increase as PS4 players eventually upgrade to PS5, but as Daniel Ahmad, director of research and insights at Niko Partners: A tweet noted that the transition from PS4 to PS5 has been “slow” so far.

Why have so many PS4 gamers postponed upgrading to a PS5? Or, perhaps better said, why are so many PS4 gamers happy with the console they have?

Mat Piscatella, Executive Director and Video Game Industry Advisor at Circana, suggested in a tweet that the most played games in the US right now are all available on last-gen consoles, and that’s enough for most people. These games (Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, GTA 5 and Call of Duty) are all available on PS4. “Any console that can play a majority or all five of these games will be fine for a lot of people,” Piscatella said.

This isn’t a unique situation for PlayStation either, Piscatella added, as it affects all consoles. IGN has already reported on declining sales of the Xbox Series Microsoft’s response includes releasing its Xbox games to competing platforms including PS5, but the company has also committed to releasing a more powerful next-gen console, and is rumored to be planning an Xbox handheld as well.

As far as Sony is concerned, sales of the PS5 are currently behind those of the PS4 after the same amount of time since launch, but it’s worth pointing out that the PS4 has since seen price cuts totaling $100. Sony has said that it expects PS5 sales to continue to decline, although it is also expected to launch a PS5 Pro later this year.

Sony’s plan to grow PlayStation revenue and profits in the coming years depends on its ability to expand the number of active PlayStation users and user engagement and reduce operating costs. In February, Sony announced a significant round of layoffs that would affect approximately 900 staff, or about 8% of PlayStation’s global workforce. The layoffs affect a number of PlayStation studios, including Insomniac, Naughty Dog, Guerrilla, Firesprite and most importantly the PlayStation studio in London. In addition to the layoffs, a number of games in development were canceled.

Sony also plans to increase sales of first-party games. It has said that this financial year ending March 2025 will not release any major new games in its major franchises, ruling out sequels in the Spider-Man and God of War series. But Sony is expected to release some big hits starting in April 2025, including Insomniac’s Wolverine.

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