Huge queues at the airport

Hundreds of people in the security queue at Birmingham Airport are queuing outside the main entrance on Friday, angering holidaymakers. Passengers flying from the airport popular with Welsh travelers are venting their frustrations on social media.

Some claimed they arrived at the airport extra early to ensure they boarded their flights on time, but were still faced with massive delays. The massive line snaked from outside the building and past the check-in areas before even reaching the security checkpoint.

The airport is currently carrying out construction work to build a “more streamlined” security zone. The airport’s main escalators are out of use and holidaymakers are forced to use lifts.

A spokesperson for Birmingham Airport said: “Due to our ongoing construction work to build our new security search area, customers will be queuing in unfamiliar areas. With the sunny morning we experienced today, we have made the decision to accommodate our customers outside in the to reduce traffic congestion around construction works.

“While this may look unusual to our customers, and we apologize for this, we are making operational decisions daily to ensure the flow of customers through security.”

What we know as of today

If you’re traveling from Wales to fly from Birmingham Airport, here’s what we know:

  • This morning there was a huge line outside the front doors of BHX
  • Passengers reported that they almost missed or missed their flights
  • Holidaymakers said they waited in security queues for two hours
  • BHX bosses said they made the decision to queue passengers outside due to the ‘sunny’ weather to ‘reduce congestion’
  • Ryanair advised passengers to be at the airport three hours before departure
  • A new security zone is currently being built at the airport, which has a domino effect
  • BHX said it couldn’t give us an exact timeline on when the new security area will be ready

Advice to Ryanair passengers

A Ryanair spokesperson said: “Due to the increased number of passengers traveling during the summer period and expected congestion at security checkpoints, we are advising all passengers to arrive three hours before departure and proceed through security as quickly as possible.

“Ryanair check-in desks open three hours before your departure time. Please prepare your hand luggage in accordance with the advice here before arriving at security as failure to do so could cause delays for you and other passengers.

“We also advise all passengers to keep an eye on the Ryanair App for the latest information about your flight.”

Beware of train delays

If you are traveling to the airport from South Wales by train, there are some delays to report.

A fault in the Severn Tunnel Junction signaling system means fewer trains can run on all lines. As a result, trains between Newport and Gloucester/Bristol may be cancelled, delayed by up to 40 minutes or diverted via Lydney.

Declaration from the airport

A spokesperson for Birmingham Airport said:

Due to our ongoing construction work on building our new safety search area, customers will be queuing in unknown areas. With the sunny morning we experienced today, we decided to queue our customers outside to reduce congestion around the construction works.

While this may seem unusual to our customers, and for which we apologize, we make operational decisions daily to ensure the flow of customers through security.”

Wait more than two hours

Passenger Charlotte Deakin said she was stuck in the huge queue outside the airport despite arriving two and a half hours before her flight.

She wrote on social media platform X: “What a joke. I will probably miss our flight.”

Holidaymakers ‘stuck at security checkpoint 10 minutes before flight’

A passenger claims other holidaymakers were stuck at security checkpoints ten minutes before their flight took off.

Aimee Franciso, whose flight is at 8.25am, told Birmingham Live: “We arrived just before 6am. We waited in line at security for about two hours.

“There were people at security right in front of us whose flight was leaving ten minutes later.”

What is Birmingham Airport doing to improve security delay issues?

Birmingham Airport says it is currently ‘building its future’ by creating a new security screening area that will be ‘streamlined, faster and simpler’. However, staff admit the transition could be ‘confusing for customers’ as ‘queueing and walking routes change’.

A spokesperson for Birmingham Airport told BirminghamLive: “Birmingham Airport has invested £60 million in a new security hall and scanning equipment. This major construction project, which has been running for 18 months, is building our future with the construction of a new, simpler and more streamlined building. safety area for our customers.

“Due to the construction work within the terminal, we have lost areas where customers would previously have been queuing for security, mainly our upstairs space. This means that the majority of our security queuing is now downstairs. “

Why there are delays

The Home Office, which oversees Border Force, confirmed there was a nationwide problem last night (May 7) due to a problem with the passport eGates, according to a BBC report. eGates are automated gates that use facial recognition to verify a person’s identity and allow them to enter the country without speaking to a border patrol agent.

There are more than 270 e-gates at Britain’s 15 airports and rail ports, according to the government website, which also says they should ‘enable faster travel to the UK’. Yesterday, staff had to manually guide passengers through security due to the national outage. Due to the outage, staff had to process passengers manually.

Advice from the airport

This is from Birmingham Airport

Queuing when leaving the building

The queue starts outside the airport entrance.

Warning for passengers

People are urging others on social media to make sure they show up early.

One said: “FYI if you’re going to do that Birmingham airport Please make sure you arrive there at least 2 hours in advance, even if you are not checking in luggage.”

Another said: “The security line snaked out of the building this morning. Absolute mess of one airport.”

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