TCL unveils 1000 Hz LCD, 14″ QD-EL (NanoLED), 16″ 8K LCD and more

TCL CSOT is showcasing its latest advancements in display technology at Display Week 2024, including the world's first 1000Hz LCD and a 14-inch QD-EL, also known as NanoLED.

CSOT is TCL's display manufacturing arm in China and a rising competitor to South Korea's LG Display and Samsung Display. TCL CSOT's display panels are today used in TVs from TCL, Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic, among others.

At the annual industry show Display Week, TCL CSOT is presenting its latest advancements in display technology as well as display prototypes. At least some of these panels are expected to appear in consumer products in the coming years.

TCL's first QD-EL display

The original name, QLED, was misused, so the electroluminescent quantum dots display technology, where electricity is applied directly to the quantum dots, goes by many names: NanoLED, QDEL, QD-EL and QD-LED. TCL is showcasing the first 14-inch inkjet-printed QD-EL display. It features a 2.8K resolution, 30-120Hz refresh rates, and 85% BT.2020 coverage. The company says that inkjet printing can significantly reduce production costs.