OLED iPad Pro users are reporting ‘grainy’ displays, but this may not be a defect

Some new M4 iPad Pro models are showing a visible static grain pattern on the OLED screen, according to several user reports on Reddit (1, 2, 3) and the MacRumors Forums.

Oled m4 iPad Pro grainy display reports

Users who see the grain generally report that it is most noticeable in dark environments with the screen set to low to medium brightness while viewing content with gray or muted colors. Some have compared the effect to a photo taken at a high ISO setting and with visual noise.

Whether this is a real display defect is difficult to say at this point. OLED displays in general can exhibit a visual grain or “screen door effect” due to several factors related to the design and manufacturing process.

The individual sub-pixels in OLED displays can vary in size and shape, contributing to inconsistent, uneven texture or graininess. This is usually more noticeable on larger screens. Variations in the deposition of organic materials can also affect the uniformity of light emission.

OLED displays also control brightness at the pixel level, and power management techniques can lead to small variations in brightness across the entire screen. This is sometimes noticeable as a grainy effect, especially in low light or when displaying uniform colors.

Notably, there were similar reports of grainy screens on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphones.

Samsung supplies the displays for Apple’s 11-inch M4 iPad Pro model, while LG Display supplies the panels for the 13-inch model. According to a March report from Korea, Samsung suffered poor yields from its 11-inch panels and was unable to meet Apple’s order quantity. The shortage prompted Apple to transfer some orders for the smaller panel to LG Display.

grain effect oled ipad prograin effect oled ipad pro

So far, most reports concern the 11-inch iPad Pro, but there are one or two that point to the 13-inch model, so it’s unclear whether the potential defect – if indeed it is one – is specific for one supplier of OLED panels. The reports appear to be limited to new iPad Pro models with the standard glass option. Apple’s latest iPad Pro models are also available with a nano-texture matte display for 1TB and 2TB storage configurations, for an additional $100.

Please note that these reports are not related to a known issue we discussed earlier this week involving washed out colors when viewing certain HDR content on M4 iPad Pro models.

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