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Sam Altman on the All-in Podcast in May 2024

What you need to know

  • Sam Altman has reportedly negotiated a new deal with Apple to bring ChatGPT to the iPhone.
  • OpenAI’s partnership with Microsoft gives it access to infinite computing and perpetual customers.
  • Two employees left OpenAI when it announced its new flagship GPT-4o model.

Reports flooding the internet indicate that OpenAI and Apple are ironing out the final details in a new deal that would see ChatGPT make its debut on iPhones and the upcoming iOS 18 update.

In addition to the new flagship GPT-4o model, OpenAI unveiled its new macOS app that Windows rejected despite Microsoft’s heavy investment in the company. OpenAI explained that the decision to ship ChatGPT to Mac users was based on it prioritizing where its users are located. This may indicate that most ChatGPT users use Apple devices.

OpenAI’s top executives are leaving the company

Microsoft and OpenAI logos

(Image credit: Microsoft, OpenAI | Microsoft Image Creator)

OpenAI has had a busy week, launching a new flagship GPT-4o model at the just-concluded Spring Update event that can reason over audio, images, and text in real time, making interactions with ChatGPT more intuitive.

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