Sony launches new PSP that can run PS4 games, source claims

PlayStation Vita

Is Sony developing a sequel to the PS Vita? (Sony Interactive Entertainment)

PlayStation may be preparing to release a new PSP console, in what could be a rival to the Switch 2 and Steam Deck.

Although the PlayStation Portable (PSP) couldn’t match the Nintendo DS in terms of overall sales, Sony’s first foray into the handheld market was still hugely successful, with nearly 80 million units sold worldwide – even if the lion’s share of that was in-market. Japan.

Unfortunately, Sony’s interest in handhelds came to a halt after the failure of its successor, the PS Vita, which is estimated to have only sold somewhere between 10 and 15 million units during its short four-year lifespan, from 2011 to 2015.

The company has since dabbled in portable devices, most notably with last year’s PlayStation Portal, which is used to stream PlayStation 5 games via Remote Play (and sold better than expected), but new reports suggest Sony plans to to launch a brand new portable console. .

This rumor comes from Russian insider Anton Logvinov, who previously leaked PC ports for Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn. In a post (shared on ResetEra), Logvinov claims that Sony is gearing up to launch a new PSP that can run PlayStation 4 games.

The post notes that there are ‘only’ PS4 games in the console’s launch lineup, but it’s unclear if the system will support games from other PlayStation formats. The implication is that, unlike the PlayStation Portal, they can be played natively and so don’t require streaming to work.

This rumor did not come out of the blue either. In February this year, YouTuber Moore’s Law Is Dead, which leaked the PS5 Pro specs, also claimed that Sony is in early development of a handheld device that is “at least two years out.” He also claimed that the device would be able to run native PlayStation 4 games, as well as select lower-resolution PlayStation 5 games with a patch.

Coincidentally, or not, Sony Interactive Entertainment in Japan recently posted a job posting for a position within its system software development team, detailing how to develop a system to “run entertainment game consoles on game consoles with different architectures.”

More specifically, it refers to enabling “a large number of game titles developed for PlayStation to run on the new architecture system” – which could very well be a reference to this rumored handheld.

Considering Nintendo’s massive success with the Switch, and now with Valve’s Steam Deck, it makes sense that other companies would pursue the same hybrid console format. Microsoft is already rumored to be developing some kind of Xbox handheld, so it’s certainly possible that Sony is considering something similar.

If this turns out to be true, this increased competition could spell trouble for Nintendo’s successor to the Switch – which is expected to be announced before April 2025 – but then again the PSP launched alongside the technically inferior Nintendo DS, which launched later. has become the best-selling portable console ever.

Horizon zero dawn

Horizon Forbidden West recently came to PC (Sony Interactive Entertainment)

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