Man shouted ‘no one fucks with me’ and doused the barmaid with petrol

A man stormed into a social club, shouted “nobody fucks with me” and doused a snooker table and a barmaid with petrol.

Mark Smith drunkenly tried to set fire to the premises after reacting angrily to a joke, but was fortunately overpowered by other customers. He later told police he had “lost his head”.

Liverpool Crown Court heard this afternoon on Friday that Donna Benyon was working at the Parr Conservative and Working Men’s Club in St Helens on the evening of November 22 last year when the defendant, who she had known for around 17 years, walked in at around 9pm. She recalled serving him three to four cognacs and cokes over the course of the night before he came back to the bar shortly after 11pm and asked for another drink.

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Paul Blasbery, prosecuting, described how the employee jokingly stated that she had already called in the last orders. But Smith, of McCormack Avenue in St Helens, replied: “F*** you.”

The 53-year-old then left the building and said “bye”. Then, shortly before midnight, the doors at the entrance “flew open” and he came back in with a green petrol can in hand, shouting: “Nobody f***s with me.”

Smith started pouring the gas on a snooker table, prompting Mrs Benyon to run over and take the fuel from him. He responded by swinging the container at her, which led to her pushing him to the ground in response.

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