Van driver gets £47,000 in clean air zone fines sent to old address

  • Dale D’Agostino was issued 317 fines for his 12-year-old Volkswagen van
  • Business says the charges could force him to sell assets or even leave him in debt

A van driver has spoken of his horror after discovering £47,000 in clean air zone fines delivered to his old address.

Dale D’Agostino, 42, says he has been issued 317 fines for driving his 12-year-old Volkswagen Caravelle van in the low emissions zone in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

But the letters had initially been sent to a previous address and he only found out when he updated the V5 logbook for his van in March.

And the businessman says he has no idea how to pay the huge fines that could force him to sell his assets or go into debt.

He said: ‘I don’t know exactly how I’m going to raise that kind of money. What am I going to do?

‘Why weren’t these fines enforced so I could deal with them sooner?

Dale D’Agostino was shocked to find 317 penalty notices totaling £47,000 in fines delivered to his old address
Mr D’Agostino says the charges could force him to sell his assets or even leave him in debt

‘Do I pay for the Bradford City of Culture myself? They know I have assets, but I don’t have this money, so I’ll have to sell everything to pay for it.”

Mr D’Agostino says he has appealed the fines to no avail and has gone to tribunal for fourteen of the PCNs.

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He said: “I have spoken to the Council and they want them all paid.

“I have appealed and put forward all the information, but they are rejected.

‘I have been to my first tribunal for the first fourteen PCNs but have not yet received a decision back.’

The Bradford Clean Air Zone was introduced in September 2022. Vehicles that do not comply with the rules must pay a fine of £9 for vans classified as LGVs.

The charge excludes all passenger cars and motorcycles, regardless of whether they are used for work.

But Mr D’Agostino said the council told him his vehicle was exempt.

He said: ‘I was told I would be whitelisted. Fast forward two years, I wanted to remove my private plate and couldn’t find my V5 logbook, so I requested a replacement.

‘This resulted in a lot of CAZ fines. As the tickets started piling up, I wondered why I didn’t have an exemption.’

Dale collided with Bradford’s Clean Air Zone, shown in the map above, where van drivers must pay £9 daily if their vehicles do not meet emissions standards
Bradford’s Clean Air Zone was introduced in 2022 and charges £9 on every LGV van entering the city, while all passenger cars and motorcycles are exempt

A spokesperson for Bradford Council said it is the driver’s responsibility to check their vehicle and pay any charges.

They said: ‘It is the driver’s legal responsibility to ensure they keep the DVLA up to date with their vehicle details and current address information.

‘The CAZ started in September 2022 and all businesses and residents of Bradford have been given the opportunity to apply for exemptions for their vehicles, allowing them to drive through the CAZ for free at all times.

“It is the responsibility of the vehicle user to check his vehicle and pay any charges due through the payment portal of the Central Government Department. Passenger cars are never charged.

‘Bradford District businesses and residents will be eligible for a vehicle exemption from CAZ charges even before the launch of the CAZ.

‘This process is still open. All information regarding eligibility for subsidy and exemption, and how to appeal against a fine, can be found on our website.

‘We would encourage anyone unsure about any aspect of the Clean Air Zone to call our team for factual advice about their specific situation on 01274 435533.

‘We always try to help.’

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