Saturday quotes: Mediterranean diet gives you more points; persistent quantum coherence; vegan dogs

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An artist’s impression of VFTS 243 in the Tarantula Nebula. Credit: ESO/L. Calcada.

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An artist’s impression of VFTS 243 in the Tarantula Nebula. Credit: ESO/L. Calcada.

This week we reported on the birth of black holes, the dubious claims of a vegan dog study, and a technique to observe entanglement without breaking quantum coherence.

Neutrino predict-ino

When a large star burns up its core, it explodes in a supernova that blows away stellar matter at thousands of kilometers per second. However, this stellar ejection can be asymmetrically balanced, resulting in a recoil called a “natal kick” that propels a newly formed neutron star at high speeds. And astronomers have confirmed large-scale asymmetries in the remnants of supernovae that created neutron stars.

Now, in a new study, researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics in Germany have investigated whether neutrino-driven birth shocks play a role in the formation of black holes. Through observations of a massive binary black hole system called VFTS 243, they calculate that the binary star’s black hole experienced a birth shock of 4 kilometers per second. Notably, this is a small neutrino-natal kick, but the calculation is consistent with theoretical predictions.

Eat this, feel better

Many studies show the benefits of eating a Mediterranean diet, including weight loss, cancer prevention, brain health, cognitive benefits such as reduced cognitive decline, gut health and heart health. But researchers are still conducting research on this eating style, which places a heavy emphasis on antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grains, healthy fats such as those found in oily fish and olive oil, and fermented foods such as yogurt.

A new study, conducted by researchers from the University of South Australia and the University of the Sunshine Coast, now finds that the Mediterranean diet (which I’m tempted to call ‘eating like an adult’) can reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety decreases. The researchers assessed the diet’s impact on the mental health of 294 older volunteers and reported that it reduced the severity of anxiety and stress across ages, genders and body mass index.

UniSA researcher Dr. Evangeline Mantzioris says: “In this study we showed that when older people followed a Mediterranean diet, their symptoms of stress and anxiety decreased – and that this happened regardless of their age, gender, BMI or how much sleep and sleep they got. exercise they received. It’s a good choice for the Mediterranean diet – through a relatively easy lifestyle change, people can significantly improve their stress and anxiety levels – who wouldn’t want to try it?

Wave function persistent

I feel like it’s my responsibility to break quantum coherence by walking around and observing things, just in case there are entangled particles that lower property values ​​by defying classical mechanics. No wave features near me. Basically, quantum coherence refers to the ability of subatomic particles to exist in multiple states simultaneously. Once you measure it, it breaks down into a system that only classical mechanics can describe. But a Harvard research team has now shown that quantum coherence can persist in a chemical reaction involving ultracold molecules.

Using laser cooling and magnetic capture, the researchers cooled potassium and rubidium molecules to almost absolute zero. The molecules slowed down, allowing the researchers to detect individual quantum states. They found that quantum coherence was preserved and concluded that the K2 and Rb2 molecules were entangled. By deliberately decohering the molecules, they showed control over the distribution of the reaction product. In terms of theory, this answers long-standing questions about whether quantum coherence can be maintained during a chemical reaction that breaks and forms multiple bonds.

Correlation is still not causation

One of the worst things to ever happen in the 2010s was when Redditors discovered the phrase “correlation is not causation” and used it as a great Cloud Strife breaker sword to take down real scientists discussing their work on Reddit . Scientists are aware of the disparity in causality and correlation. It is so fundamental that studies have been designed to take it into account. Yet, in an unfortunately validating development for excruciating science Redditors, a new study on animal nutrition refutes an earlier study because it confuses correlation with causation.

As a hunting dog owner with a history of nutritional indiscretion and a nose for food packaging on the sidewalk, I am not entirely unreceptive to health claims about feeding dogs a vegan diet. An April 2022 study recommended a nutritionally balanced vegan diet as the “healthiest and least dangerous food choice for dogs,” but now scientists at the University of Liverpool have re-examined the data and found that the study did not support its claims, including associations between a vegan diet and owner perception of dog health.

Alex German, professor of small animal medicine, said: “When I first read this article in 2022, it was clear that the study was based solely on data from owner surveys and had an observational design, meaning that the associations between the diet type and health of dogs alone could be investigated. suggest a possible correlation and not causation.”

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