5 essential travel tech accessories that will make your life easier

I am a freelancer who works remotely. My work requires me to travel, stay connected to my workplaces, and write on the go. It also means that I have to carry a lot of gadgets and accessories in my backpack. I tested several such add-ons before settling on the five mentioned here. I recommend these tech accessories to any traveler, and they have been with me for at least six trips, if not more.

1. Nomad 65W slim power adapter

Thanks to GaN technology, the Nomad Slim does not take up space like regular 65W dual-port adapters. It features two ports: one that draws 45W of power and the other that charges my iPhone at 20W. Each port provides 65W of power when used individually.

The Nomad Slim power adapter slides into the zipper pocket of my organizer, which is intended for storing small items. This is the best power adapter I have used and ultimately chose. I have two.

2. Chipolo Seekers

An AirTag can be expensive and cannot be kept in a wallet. I have a Chipolo One Spot and two Chipolo Card Spot finders that I store in my trolley bag, backpack and wallet respectively. They help me keep track of my belongings using Apple Find My on my iPhone. I’ve had instances where I left my wallet in the Airbnb and my Card Spot notified me before I got on the bus.

On their own, the Chipolo viewfinders aren’t much cheaper than their Apple counterpart, but you can save if you buy a package. For example, there’s an AirTag-shaped Chipolo One that costs $25, but a pack of four will cost you $75 instead of $100 for the AirTag pack. The company will also start shipping Chipolo locators compatible with Google Find My from May 27.

3. Sandisk Ultra Dual drive

A lot of my work involves clicking product images and transferring them to my Mac. It might be a problem if I don’t use an iPhone. I use Vivo X100 Pro to click product photos. At the Mobile World Congress location, I needed to transfer 500 MB of product photos from my phone to my MacBook, and I didn’t have a cable. The Ultra Dual Drive came in handy and the data was transferred within seconds.

It has been a reliable accessory for storing my favorite photos taken with my phone and transferring data between devices. I recommend it if your work involves transferring data efficiently or if you need more storage on your phone in a small form factor.

4. T-series moment lens

I’ve been using the 58mm Moment T-series lens on and off with my iPhone 15 Pro since January. I love clicking landscapes and architecture while it’s attached to my phone. It offers 2x zoom and I often attach it to the telephoto camera.

That said, you will also need to purchase a Moment case and a drop-in holder. And if you want 6x optical zoom, you’ll need to subscribe to the Moment Pro Camera app. It’s worth it if you’re a mobile photographer and want a more versatile camera setup than Apple’s. Notably, it is not compatible with the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s 5x camera.

5. Peak Design Travel Backpack 30L

You need a backpack to hold it all, and I have the perfect recommendation: the Peak Design Travel Backpack 30L. I have been recommending it to travelers for over six months now. It’s more portable than the company’s 45L backpack while offering plenty of storage space. The standard capacity is 27L, but can be expanded to 33L.

I travel with a lot of gadgets and trust the Peak Design Travel Backpack 30L because it is waterproof and has a luggage grommet for carrying a rolling bag. The padded shoulder straps also make it comfortable during long walks. You also get internal stretch and zip pockets to store small items.

I’ve traveled with a ton of other items and I’ll add more to this list as they become a must-have for me.

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