Cadbury is axing its iconic Dairy Milk bar and chocolate lovers are furious

CADBURY fans have demanded the return of an iconic Dairy Milk bar – but the chocolate maker has no plans to bring it back.

Social media users rushed online to beg the confectionery giant to revive the old “much missed” treat.

A Dairy Milk mint chip fanatic shared an old photo of the chocolate barCredit: Twitter/@Relatablegirlp

A Dairy Milk mint chip fanatic shared an old photo of the chocolate bar and asked Cadbury to bring back the candy.

On X, former Twitter, they said: “@CadburyUK @DairyMilkIn When do we get these bad boys back?

“They are sorely missed #chocolate #dairymilk.”

But to fans’ disappointment, the chocolate manufacturer broke the news that the company would not be bringing back the bar.

In response, Cadbury’s wrote: “We understand your love for this product, but there are currently no plans to reintroduce it.

“We have lots of chocolate treats to try though.”

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk was first introduced to the British in 1905 and has since become a household staple.

The chocolate giant has sold a wide range of treats throughout its existence, but not all of their products are still on the shelves.

Many fans have been saddened by the shutdowns over the years, as their favorite chocolate milk disappeared from stores.

The most recent has seen the “nostalgic” Egg ‘n’ Spoon boxes disappear from shelves as fans were outraged by the news.

Cadbury lovers are crying foul over the return of fan favorites as the brand takes a trip down memory lane

Egg ‘n’ Spoons was produced over a decade ago and consisted of four chocolate eggs in a carton filled with vanilla or chocolate mousse and even a special Oreo variety.

But Mondelez-owned Cadbury confirmed last year that the egg cartons with their spoon had been “discontinued to reflect the changing taste buds of our fans”.

Ahead of this year’s Easter egg season, Cadbury still had to break the news to outraged fans on X, formerly Twitter.

Shoppers were also disheartened to realize that the iconic Cadbury Caramel bunnies are now a memory of the past.


Cadbury’s Dream chocolate bar: The popular bar closed in 2002, but was relaunched in 2019 under the new name ‘Cadbury White’.

Mars Delight bar: Although it proved to be a firm favorite among sweet-tooth fans during its four-year run in stores from 2004, it was pulled from shelves in 2008. Fans are still eager to see the treat return.

Nestlé’s Caramac chocolate bar: The unique bar had been in stores for more than sixty years, but was discontinued last year due to continued sales declines.

Milky way crispy rolls: They were pulled from shelves in 2022 and fans were so distraught by the news that a petition was started to bring them back, which currently has over 8,500 signatures.

White Maltese: The white chocolate version of the popular snack had a strong run of eleven years, but due to declining sales it was discontinued in 2014.

The chocolates are made with soft milk chocolate in the shape of a cute bunny and filled with soft caramel.

Sweet-toothed Brits have been brutally shut down by Cadbury after the company confirmed their ‘best’ chocolate bar will not be returning.

Fans were left heartbroken after the company revealed there are “no plans” to bring back the fan-favorite snack.

The Cadbury Dairy Milk Toffee Popcorn bar was first released in 2012, but has since become difficult for fans to find.

But it’s not all bad news as fans are offered a trip down memory lane at a Cadbury ‘graveyard’, full of all their famous ax treats.

The delicious chocolate collection offers fans the chance to step back in time and be reunited with their retro favorites.

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