The pub in Bristol doesn’t sell lager and you have to put your phone on silent

There are an abundance of pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes on Gloucester Road in Bristol. That’s why many venture to this part of the forest for a night out with friends and family, pub crawls, dinner, to watch sporting events and sample what there is to do. city ​​has to offer in terms of food and drinks.

The bustling high street is also home to Bristol’s first micropub, The Drapers Arms, according to the team. Opened in late 2015 at 447 Gloucester Road, it is an independent one-room alehouse, catering for around 40 customers.

It describes itself as selling real beer ‘straight from the cask, sourced from independent producers, mainly small brewers based in Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire’. More than 95% of the beers come from microbreweries within a 30-mile radius of the pub’s location.

The Drapers Arms co-founder Garvan Hickey says you won’t find lager, Guinness, “beers with the word ‘smooth’ in their name” or any “cask stuff” including ciders, spirits or things like Fighter bombs, here. He adds: “But with no jukebox, fruit machines, WiFi or television, I hope it feels like you’re in a good, old-fashioned, traditional pub and with conversation with other punters as your only form of entertainment, you’ll really enjoy it.” to enjoy.”

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In this micropub you can buy a few regular snacks, but there is no hot food served here and they try to drink at least one locally produced vegan and gluten-free beer every day. And despite the lack of WiFi and contrary to popular belief, cell phones are not prohibited in this establishment. Garvan says, “What you can do is mute the ringer, or better yet, turn it off completely.

“If you really want to tweet, tweet, text, ‘check in’ etc., we won’t stop you – but if you start answering or making phone calls, expect to be asked to contribute to a good cause, quite sharp. If you If you’re sitting in The Drapers Arms with headphones on, we’re going to assume that you’re very lonely, a little sad and that you might really want someone to come over and talk to you. .’

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