Five things ‘Arena Breakout Infinite’ needs to fix before launch

The Arena outbreak infinite the closed beta has proven to be more popular than most people expected, but it’s far from perfect and with the development team teasing a release soon, there are a lot of things that need to be ironed out first.

After the first round of Twitch drops was claimed within a few hours and subsequent rounds have also proven popular, Arena outbreak infinite is currently one of the most popular games in the world and is only in closed beta, which is usually a good sign for an evolving game.

However, after getting hands-on with it, I was left a little underwhelmed by it and while it seems promising, it still needs a lot of fine-tuning. A recent tweet from the Arena outbreak infinite X Account suggests a release date could come sooner rather than later, but before that happens, these are five things that really need to be fixed.

Make movement more natural

My biggest problem with playing Arena Breakout Infinite is still that the movement feels a bit clunky. Even while sprinting, your character feels somewhat slow and cumbersome. After playing for a while I’ve gotten more used to the motion, but it still doesn’t feel great. An overhaul to the movement speed and animation would do Arena Breakout Infinite the world of good, and I can only hope this is something planned before launch.

Add solo queue

Arena Breakout Infinite is simply much better when playing on a team, and when playing solo it’s not a great experience. While similar games usually have many ways to avoid battles or even compete against a team as a solo player, that feels infinitely more difficult in ABI and it makes solo play frustrating. The simple solution to this is to add a solo-only queue, where the map is filled with other lone wolves. With the beta proving so successful, there will surely be enough solo players to fill matches, giving them a much better experience.

Improve anti-cheat

So far in the closed beta test, more than 2,000 cheaters have been banned and more than 22 cheaters have been detected, but there are still many reports of cheaters in the game and reports of fake bans. Now it’s not uncommon for cheaters to try to start a story that they’ve been wrongfully banned and almost every other similar system has proven that most requests to unban come from confirmed cheaters, but the official Arena Breakout Infinite Twitter- account acknowledged the false bans and is investigating, adding some weight to the claims. If Arena Breakout Infinite is to succeed, it needs a robust anti-cheat system that can detect cheats and has minimal false bans.

Increase the money you can make

While few people have played enough to experience this phenomenon, and those who have are generally quite good, it seems like it can be very easy to run out of money in Arena Breakout Infinite if you starts playing. Hopefully this is just a balancing issue and the team can increase the amount of money you can make even if you die a lot, so you never end up in a situation where you run out of money. But the more cynical view is that this is a free-to-play game, a deliberate design aimed at getting players to spend real money to buy in-game currency. If that turns out to be the case at launch, many players will certainly abandon the game, as no one likes to feel forced into microtransactions. Instead, it would be smarter to only sell cosmetic items and let the loot speak for itself.

Improve spawn locations

The Valley map seems to be the worst offender here, but there have been several times where I was shot by another player within seconds of spawning. I think this is partly due to the somewhat barren landscapes in some areas, but the easier solution is to just move the spawns and put more cover around them. When it happens occasionally it’s not a huge problem, but so far the frequency has been way too high and it’s yet another annoying problem in a game that seems to have quite a bit of it.

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