‘I refused to give up my plane seat for the rights holder – it’s not my fault it’s tall’

A woman has taken to Reddit to ask if she was wrong for refusing to give up the seat she paid extra for when a taller passenger demanded she swap to give him more legroom

The woman had reserved her seat months in advance and paid extra for it(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

When booking a plane ticket, it is usually wise to adjust your seat to your travel needs, and that is exactly what a traveler has chosen.

The woman, who was on a 12-hour flight, took to Reddit to reveal how she booked her plane seats ‘months in advance’, saying: “At the time of booking I paid extra to choose my seats. The seat I chose was $55 extra and was right at the front of the plane (I was trying to arrive somewhere on time for landing). The seat also happened to be a seat with extra legroom and I am a 6-foot woman.”

She first explained how everything was fine, saying she had checked in, boarded and found her seat normal, but revealed that when “the seat belt sign was turned off” a man came up to her and asked her to “move her seat.” to switch”.

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The woman added that she was “open to it” until she realized his seat was “way back in the plane.” So she said ‘no sorry’ and explained that she had paid extra to ‘sit up front’.

She then explained that the man started to get irritated and said: ‘He got increasingly angry and wouldn’t leave and said there is no reason why someone my height needs extra leg room (I told him I had paid in advance).

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“I suggested he ask the other people in those seats if they could swap, but he declined saying he wouldn’t want to harass other men or break up couples.” The female traveler added that the man became “rude and angry” so she felt compelled to call “about a flight attendant telling him to sit down.”

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