NASA’s PREFIRE mission is ready to unravel the mysteries of Earth’s poles

Two small rectangular satellites hover above earth on opposite sides. each has a dual-panel solar array extended from two sides. The curve of Earth below is hazy and blue.

NASA is preparing to launch its latest climate science mission, the Polar Radiant Energy in the Far-Infrared Experiment (PREFIRE), which aims to capture brand new data on how heat is lost from Earth’s polar regions to space .

PREFIRE consists of a pair of cubesats launched separately into near-polar orbits. The first, “Ready, Aim, PREFIRE,” will launch no earlier than (NET) May 22 on a Rocket Lab Electron rocket from Pad B at the company’s Launch Complex 1 in Māhia, New Zealand. The second cubesat, “PREFIRE and ICE”, will be launched a few days later.

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