Passengers unite against woman who won’t give up her aisle seat for a family of five

It’s happened again. Reddit user Kitsune_chan29 sat in an aisle seat. The woman figured it out herself in advance so that the long flight would be more bearable. Then a fellow passenger came by and asked her if she could switch seats.

However, in a post on the subreddit ‘Am I the [Jerk]?’, the woman explained that this time, after she refused, another traveler joined in and pressured her to change seats. As she stood her ground, tensions rose and the situation became increasingly awkward.

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Seat changes happen on almost every flight

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We contacted the woman behind the post and she wanted to tell us more about what happened. “No one stood up for me, but another passenger wanted to join in and stand up to me, as I described in my post,” she said Bored Panda.

“As a solo female traveler, it was a little intimidating to see that another male passenger was not only rude to me, but would also antagonize me to one of the teenagers in the family by making it seem like I was deliberately trying to family and make their lives difficult out of selfishness.”

According to the Redditor, the fact that she had reserved a seat in advance for health reasons and ordered a specific meal there was irrelevant. People shouldn’t treat each other like that. “He was very rude when I confronted him about this because I didn’t expect to be challenged about his behavior.”

Last month, Mitra Amirzadeh, an Orlando flight attendant and union representative for a major airline that charges fees for advance seat assignments, said seat swap requests occur during eight of her 10 monthly shifts. More and more often it is couples who do not sit together.

Amirzadeh said it has reached the point where she rarely intervenes because she doesn’t think passengers who paid for a particular seat should be forced to swap to appease others.

That’s exactly what happened on this plane. “The airline staff didn’t really get involved,” the Redditor explained to us. “They found out what was going on because it was hindering boarding, and when they were told they let me make my own decision rather than trying to persuade me to do something, which was quite good of them. ”

People need to understand that no means no

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The traveler is okay with asking someone to change seats, but people should respect that no means no. “I was asked to move from an aisle seat to a middle seat, which would give me much less ease and comfort on such a long flight, and my decision was not accepted. I’ve happily switched seats to an equivalent seat before, but I think it’s unfair to ask people to switch for something worse and then be rude because of poor planning, especially since Emirates doesn’t even charge for seat reservations on this flight. ”

Etiquette expert Rosalinda Oropeza Randall agrees.

“If someone asks you to change seats, you are under no obligation to do so or even think about it,” she said. “You have the right to refuse – politely, of course.”

In fact, she believes that you shouldn’t explain yourself if the person wants to know why you’re not moving. “You could say something like, ‘I’d rather stay where I am,'” she added.

The Redditor reiterated that the family not wanting to switch was not the problem. “It was the third party and its attitude. I think solo female travelers are asked to change seats more often than men, which I think speaks to a bigger issue: some people feel that women can be coerced and don’t deserve the same respect.”

Those who read her story believe that the woman had every right to remain in her seat

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