I did some shopping at the supermarket which was cheaper for the basics than Lidl and Aldi

There is one supermarket that has been the cheapest for basic necessities for over a year and that is Lidl.

Week after week it has consistently been the cheapest place to get a shopping basket of eight essentials that we have been tracking at the six major supermarkets for over two years, usually just a few cents apart from Aldi.

So it was something of a surprise when earlier this month it was Morrisons that took the lead – after previously being the most expensive.

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With that in mind, I decided to open a big store there to see where prices are in general.

The supermarket launched its own Aldi and Lidl Price Match earlier this year(Image: Manchester Family / MEN)

In February, the supermarket announced it was launching its own Aldi and Lidl Price Match, matching the price of whichever retailer is cheaper on more than 200 products. Although it has reduced some prices, the price match only applies to a small percentage of Morrisons’ total stock.

Of the 38 items I bought this week, only five were linked to the budget stores. These were milk, minced meat, chicken fillets, carrots and pasta.

It also has the budget Savers range, which offers more than 200 cheap products, from freezer fillers to cupboard essentials such as bread and rice.

But what impressed me most was the number of offers on many of the other items, especially branded items, making it cheaper than Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s on many items.

Only five of the products in my groceries were priced in line with Aldi and Lidl (Image: Manchester Family / MEN)

For example, a pack of nine Warburtons crumpets cost just £1, while it costs £1.25 at Tesco and Asda and £1.35 at Sainsbury’s. A pack of four Dutch cakes was on offer for £3.75, compared to £4.40 at Tesco.

Birds Eye Chunky Fish Fingers have dropped from £3.50 to £3, a double pack of Jaffa Cakes from £2 to £1.35 and Mr Kipling apple pies are on offer for £1.50, while elsewhere they cost as much as double.

Many shoppers will be aware of how much the price of extra virgin olive oil has risen in recent months and even that was cheaper here too – with a 250ml bottle of Filippo Berio on sale for £3.50, while the price at Tesco and Asda is £4 .30 and £5 respectively.

Even without offers, some products had dropped in price compared to previous Morrisons stores I had visited last year and a few months ago.

The entire Morrisons store(Image: Manchester Family / MEN)

For example, a 450g jar of Flora Lighter cost £1.50, up from £2.49 in March. Asda and Sainsbury’s both sell the same bath for £2.50, while at Tesco it’s slightly more than Morrisons, at £1.60.

I didn’t buy any Heinz products this time, but noticed that some of them were starting to drop in price as well.

Last year a pack of four 400g Heinz Beanz cans cost £4, while now you can get four larger 415g cans for £3.75. A 480g bottle of Heinz BBQ sauce used to cost around £3.40, but is now down to just £2.49.

What was particularly striking was that many of the deals no longer only apply to multibuys, which is a benefit for those on a budget.

There are a few more you might want to take advantage of – like two for £3 worth of fruit, Ambrosia Custard for £1.99 per tin or two for £2.50, and two Hovis loaves for £2.50 – but it was good to see that other items, such as Lloyd Grossman pasta sauce and Sharwood’s Tikka Masala sauce, now cost just £1.49 per jar, while last year they were around £2.15 each, or cheaper if you look there bought two.

I was impressed by the number of big brand deals that didn’t require multibuy(Image: Manchester Family / MEN)

And 500g bags of fusilli pasta have dropped from 95p to 75p, largely due to Aldi and Lidl’s price match, while previously you had to multi-buy to get them cheaper, with a two for £1.60 deal .

Of course, not everything is cheaper. Potatoes are another product that has risen and since March the 2kg bag of Maris Piper potatoes from Morrisons has risen from £1.65 to the current £1.89. However, Aldi’s and Tesco’s are only 10p cheaper, suggesting they have risen across the board.

With better offers, more Savers products and a select number of items aligned with Aldi and Lidl, there may be more reasons to shop at Morrisons after all.

Products like potatoes have risen in price at most supermarkets – and the bags have also become smaller(Image: Manchester Family / MEN)

My entire Morrisons store


  • Dutch pies are £3.75 down from £4.40
  • 2 for £3 on fruit – grapes 400g / blueberries 150g
  • 9 Warburtons Crumpets £1, down from £1.25
  • Wafer-thin honey ham 170 g € 1.75 instead of € 2
  • Corned beef 100g £1.50, down from £2
  • Birds Eye 38 chicken dippers €3.50, down from €5.69
  • Ambrosia custard 2 for €2.50, or €1.99 each
  • Mr Kipling apple pies £1.50, down from £2.99
  • Walkers Baked Sea Salt chips 6-pack £1.50, down from £2.20
  • Warburtons Bagels 5-pack £1.35, down from £1.85
  • Jaffacakes double pack 220 g €1.35, down from €2
  • Onken yoghurt 450g € 1.50, less than € 1.95
  • Sharwood’s Tikka Masala Sauce £1.49, down from £2.50
  • Lloyd Grossman pasta sauce £1.49, down from £2.99
  • Kingsize Pot Noodle 99p, reduced from £1.39
  • Birds Eye Chunky Fish Fingers 360 g €3, down from €3.50
  • Goodfella’s pepperoni pizza 332g £1.50, down from £3
  • Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml £3.50, down from £4.30
  • Richmond skinless sausages 2 packs of 12 for £4

Aldi price match

  • Skimmed milk 4 pints £1.45
  • Chop 500 grams €3.49
  • Chicken breasts 1 kg €6.49
  • Carrots 1kg 65pcs
  • Fusilli pasta 500g 75pcs
However, there are still decent multibuy savings to be had, such as two loaves of bread for £2.50(Image: Manchester Family / MEN)


  • Cathedral City lighter cheese 350g €2.75
  • Flora Lighter 450 g € 1.50
  • Savers apple juice 1L 99p
  • Orange juice 1L € 1.29
  • Maris piper potatoes £1.89 for 2kg
  • Eggs 12 x large free range € 2.95
  • Hovis thick white soft € 1.45 and Hovis thick whole wheat 800g € 1.45 (2 for € 2.50)
  • Broccoli 79pcs
  • Morrisons Fat Free Greek Yoghurt 500g £1.10
  • Morrisons Mighty Malties 625g 95pcs
  • Soft white rolls 89pcs
  • 4 beef burgers 5% fat €4

Total £75.35

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