Couple with child were refused boarding on the flight and sparked tense debate on TikTok

Airline gives away the seats of families with a baby to a couple who boards before them
Airline gives away the seats of families with a baby to a couple who boards before them
Airline gives away the seats of a family with a baby to a couple who boards before them (Photo: TikTok / @missbauerofficial)

A TikTok video has gone viral after a couple and their toddler were denied boarding their flight after showing up at the gate two and a half minutes late.

American Airlines frustrated the couple, stopping them from flying out of Miami and instead allowing standby passengers on the flight.

The standby couple at the front who had their tickets reassigned were then allowed to board.

In the video, which has been viewed 4.1 million times on TikTok, Miss Bauer is seen confronting airline staff at the gate.

She captioned the clip: “Flight opened and they gave our seats to someone else even though we have a… child with us. What a shame American Airlines.”

Ms. Bauer is heard saying, “So you’re going to give up our seats to them?”

The airline employee answers and says, “Yes, I am. There are 12 minutes and 27 seconds until take-off.”

‘It’s still open. I’m executive platinum, you know that, right? I’m executive platinum here and you give my ticket to someone else. To wait. The plane is open, you are just releasing our seats,” Miss Bauer said.

The airline employee then tells her that as an executive platinum member, she needs to know the rules.

Miss Bauer’s husband is heard saying, “If [the flight] was closed, you wouldn’t give them to anyone else.’

The couple who had been assigned their seats and the airline staff member then walked away and boarded the plane – leaving the disgruntled mother, her toddler and her partner standing at the gate.

The mother added: “They let them in.” We were right behind them and they gave up our seats. Can you believe it? With our child and everything here.’

The TikToker claims that American Airlines has not satisfactorily resolved her complaint about the incident, which occurred on March 21.

They reportedly responded to her email on April 28 saying no compensation was available as the issue was related to a misconduct report filed.

In a separate video, Ms. Bauer admitted she became frustrated and loud, but said she did not disrespect or swear at anyone and was not violent or aggressive.

She claimed that when they reached the gate and the flight staff told her they had finished boarding, she was initially calm and turned to her husband and said, “We missed the flight.”

Apparently a passerby informed the couple that the boarding was not closed because they gave up their seats to a couple standing at the counter.

Many people in the comments felt the airline was wrong on this occasion, while other passengers said they had had similar experiences.

Jasmine Shrestha wrote, “I missed my international flight! The gate was open, but they said: no, that’s not possible… I was delayed by 18 hours.’

However, there were those who thought the couple who missed the flight were to blame.

‘Stupid ones, get to your gate on time! Did they buy the plane and all the seats on that flight,” one TikToker wrote.

“Play stupid games and win stupid prizes,” said another, while someone else said: “Yeah, don’t throw the ‘I’m a Platinum Executive’ if you can’t follow the rules.”

The American Airlines website clearly states: ‘Most flights begin boarding 30 to 50 minutes before scheduled departure, but the exact time depends on your destination and aircraft.

‘Boarding ends 15 minutes before departure. If you are not on board, we can assign your seat to another passenger. As soon as the doors close, you are no longer allowed on board.’

Flight attendant Mariah on TikTok also gave her sharp take on the situation.

She said: ‘Just because the plane is physically there doesn’t mean you can still get on it. There’s a reason why you can only check in until a certain time before your flight departs.

‘On most airlines the flight closes 15 minutes before departure, which means if you’re not there within 15 minutes… the flight leaves without you.

‘Go to your gate as quickly as possible. You missed your flight. Be better next time.’

American Airlines has been contacted for comment.

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