Practical: TCL QM851G review – the brightest mini LED TV yet

TCL recently launched its full 2024 TV range, and the range includes mini-LED models as large as 115 inches, a screen size that makes them a viable replacement for a projector in a home theater system.

The step-down model from that 115-inch flagship is the TCL QM851G series. These are available in screen sizes from 65 to 98 inches and have a specified brightness of up to 5,000 nits and 5,000 local dimming zones. Those are impressive specs, especially considering that the best TVs, even mini-LED models like the QM851G, generally have a maximum brightness of around 2,000 nits and have a significantly lower number of local dimming zones.

TCL showed off its full TV range at an event in New York that coincided with the launch, and as part of that event I was given time to hands-on test an 85-inch version of the QM851G. The TV supplied was a pre-production unit and only the vivid picture mode was approved by the company for measurements. Nevertheless, my testing session gave me a good idea of ​​the TV’s overall performance, and I was also able to confirm some of TCL’s specs for the QM851G series.

TCL QM851G TV with Google TV interface

The new TCL TVs use the Google TV smart TV system for streaming (Image credit: Future)

I’ll go into those test details in a moment, but first some general information about the TCL QM851G series. TCL’s best mini LED TVs for 2024 feature the company’s AiPQ Ultra processor that offers 65,000 levels of granular control over local dimming, among other picture-enhancing features. They also feature a display panel with an ultra-wide-angle lens for even light distribution and optical distance reduction technology to minimize the effects of backlight by reducing the space between the backlight and the reflector.

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