I traveled First Class from Edinburgh for the first time, even though I’m stingy

Traveling first class is not an option that has ever presented itself to me. Although I regularly travel around Britain and Ireland, I am stingy and always look for the cheapest seat – until now.

I’ve always booked standard or ‘economy’ seats, but on Wednesday, traveling from Edinburgh to Newcastle, the opportunity to travel first class with LNER arose and my ears perked up.

A first class ticket can be upgraded from standard for £20 and there are chances to also bid for seats at a lower price via the Seatfrog app. I’m known as the ‘frugal’ friend and wanted to know if it’s worth the extra money.

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With the upgraded ticket, you will be invited to relax in the first-class lounge before your journey. In Edinburgh Waverley this was my first challenge. Unfortunately there are no signs pointing to the lounge. ‘Maybe it’s because it’s so exclusive. It’s a secret club,’ I thought as I walked through the station.

I walked past Cafe Nero, behind M&S, before coming across a small sign above a door advertising a ‘first class lounge’. Suddenly I forgot I was in Waverley as I was greeted by a bright, traditional staircase leading straight to the room.

I never have any hesitation about taking a train anywhere, but one thing I hate is how cold it can be if you have to wait. However, the first class lounge was lovely and warm with comfortable seating, free coffee and snacks. Apart from the huge pile of luggage in the corner, it felt more like a cafe than a train station. I understand why people want to pay a little extra, especially when it’s miserable outside.

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