‘We made a huge decision to sell our house… but now we couldn’t be happier’

Whether you’re moving out of your parents’ house to get on the property ladder, buying your first family home or downsizing, moving is a huge decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Many people become attached to their properties, especially if they have spent many years there and invested a lot of time and money into making the house their own. A retired couple from Heywood, Rochdale, are now reaping the benefits after the difficult decision to downsize led them to their dream home in Chadderton.

Sue, 72, and Kenneth, 73, put their three-bedroom home up for sale after living there for 34 years, after deciding they could no longer maintain it as they got older, and have now moved into a house with two bedrooms. new construction home.

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Sue spoke to the Manchester Evening News as part of our Where I Live series, where we speak with a different homeowner every week to hear about their homebuying journey. Retired Bury Council worker Sue and her husband Kenneth bought their first home together shortly after their wedding in 1989.

As they grew older, they realized that their family home might not be suitable due to its size and location. “We lived at the top of an estate called The Summit and the driveway and garden were very steep. But as we got older we began to realize that it would eventually be a struggle to walk up the driveway and into the garden, Sue told the Manchester Evening News.

“In recent years we’ve also seen a few friends get sick and struggle to maintain their larger homes, so we knew we didn’t want to put ourselves in that position.”

Sue and Kenneth made the difficult decision to downsize, but are now reaping the benefits(Image: Gary Oakley/Manchester Evening News)

But the decision to put their beloved home on the market was not taken lightly. “It was a huge decision to sell our house because we had lived there for 34 years. We had made a lot of memories over the years, we knew all the neighbors and we had seen their children grow up and their grandchildren come. It was a big decision,” said Sue.

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