Rare Cadbury chocolate bars that were branded ‘delicious’ by fans on UK shelves

Chocolate fans are going crazy for the rare Cadbury chocolate bars spotted on B&M shelves.

Three popular Australian chocolate bars have returned to B&M shelves and fans say they are “a dream come true.”

Australian Cadbury chocolate bars have been found on B&M shelvesCredit: B&M
The cheeky Perky Nana bar is a banana flavored chewy bar covered in Cadbury dairy milk chocolateCredit: B&M
Pinky Bars consist of caramel and marshmallows which are then coated with a layer of Cadbury Milk ChocolateCredit: B&M

B&M took to Facebook to share the exciting range of Australian chocolates it has in stores.

The retailer said: “We are always looking for new chocolate and sweet treats. We are spoiled with this collection!”

“S’Mores kit; £3 Pink; £1 perky Nana; £1 Cherry ripe.”

The post quickly racked up 100 free likes and comments, with Australians saying the new collection gave them a taste of home.

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One user said: “Cherry Ripe reminds me of Australia.”

Another said: “I absolutely love these from the NZ B&M trip this weekend is a must.”

“Yummy,” said a third user.

A fourth user said: “My dreams have come true.”

I’ve been craving it so much lol,” someone else said.

Australian favorite Cherry Ripe is a blend of cherries and coconut covered in Cadbury’s rich dark chocolate.

How do you find hidden sales in B&M?

The cheeky Perky Nana bar is a banana flavored chewy bar covered in Cadbury dairy milk chocolate.

Pinky Bars consist of caramel and marshmallows which are then coated with a layer of Cadbury Milk Chocolate.

Australian chocolates seem to be just as popular here in the UK as they are down there.

Mars released two new Maltesers flavors in May last year, the New Maltesers Desserts Tiramisu and the Black Forest Gateau Maltesers.

B&M shoppers went wild for Cadbury’s Honeycomb Sundae Twirls after they were spotted in B&M, previously only available in Australia.

Similarly, the Cadbury Dairy Milk Slices Vanilla Passionfruit was a big hit when it was spotted on store shelves.

The news comes just days after Cadbury confirmed it has axed its popular Dairy Milk mint crisp bar.

A user from X, formerly known as Twitter, asked: “@CadburyUK @DairyMilkIn When do we get these bad boys back?

Unfortunately, the chocolatiers confirmed that the bar would not be returning.

Cadbury’s report said: “We understand your love for this product, but there are currently no plans to reintroduce it.

Many fans have been saddened by the shutdowns over the years, as their favorite chocolate milk disappeared from stores.

Chocolate fans have said goodbye to the “nostalgic” Egg ‘n’ Spoon boxes, iconic Cadbury Caramel bunnies and even the Cadbury Dairy Milk Toffee Popcorn bar.

Iconic chocolates that have left the store shelves

Cadbury’s Dream chocolate bar: The popular bar closed in 2002, but was relaunched in 2019 under the new name ‘Cadbury White’.

Mars Delight bar: Although it proved to be a firm favorite among sweet-tooth fans during its four-year run in stores from 2004, it was pulled from shelves in 2008. Fans are still eager to see the treat return.

Nestlé’s Caramac chocolate bar: The unique bar had been in stores for more than sixty years, but was discontinued last year due to continued sales declines.

Milky way crispy rolls: They were pulled from shelves in 2022 and fans were so distraught by the news that a petition was started to bring them back, which currently has over 8,500 signatures.

White Maltese: The white chocolate version of the popular snack had a strong run of eleven years, but due to declining sales it was discontinued in 2014.

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