Apple is reportedly aiming for a super-competitive iPhone SE 4 price

Compared to today’s best budget 5G phones running Android, Apple’s third-generation iPhone SE looks pretty weird. That’s partly because we’re talking about a device that’s already more than two years old, and perhaps in greater part because the 4.7-incher was essentially instantly outdated, with a series of screen bezels that screamed 2016.

As the most affordable iPhone still officially sold by the manufacturer, this model remains surprisingly popular, but that’s obviously going to change when the sequel inevitably comes out. Unfortunately, the latest expectations from the most trusted industry sources are that the iPhone SE 4 will not be released this year.
On the plus side, this gives Apple some extra time to work on more improvements than some of you might have thought, and according to a new rumor, these impressive upgrades won’t drive up the price too much one way or another.

Game over for Android mid-rangers?

While it’s certainly far too early to declare the death of budget-friendly Android phones priced at $429 iPhone SE (2025) with a iPhone 14-inspired design sounds almost impossible to match in terms of value for money.

$429, mind you, is exactly how much a 64GB iPhone SE (2022) normally costs in 2024, and while Apple might fail in its goal of keeping the price of this bad boy’s successor unchanged, an increase of more than 10 percent is apparently unlikely. At least that’s according to a social media tipster known as Revegnus, whose main X account was recently suspended, causing him to lose all his followers before starting all over again under a new handle.

This is definitely not as reliable an industry insider as someone like Mark Gurman, Ming-Chi Kuo, or Evan Blass, but many reputable publications seem to (cautiously) trust this prediction, as well as other similar publications from the now-deleted publication. account.

Going back to the rumor itself, it seems like the worst-case scenario at this point calls for a starting price of around $499 for the iPhone SE 4 next year. That would still be wonderfully affordable for a significantly bigger and better looking device than the iPhone SE3making it quite difficult for the likes of Google’s Pixel 8a (and presumably Pixel 9a) to compete for your love and hard-earned cash.

So what do we expect from the iPhone SE 4 again?

Like the “vanilla” iPhone 14, this is tipped by several insiders as a 6.1-inch affair with a relatively generous notch, although under the hood everyone expects a newer-than-A15 Bionic processor to take care of your daily tasks. and operations. Of course, Apple will likely keep its latest Pro devices separate from its next-generation mid-range, which almost certainly means an A16 Bionic SoC will be used here.

Incredibly, the iPhone SE4 It’s also rumored to embrace the very best (see what we did there?) OLED display technology instead of settling for an inferior LCD panel. Unsurprisingly (given the year we’re in) a USB Type-C port is expected to be part of the budget-friendly package for 2025, along with Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, Bluetooth 5.3 support, and unfortunately no headphone jack or microSD card slot.

Because Apple has to cut some corners to fit the next big one iPhone SE At somewhere between $429 and $499, that 6.1-inch OLED screen will likely stick to the 60Hz refresh rate, and the rear camera could once again be a 12MP single affair. The battery size and charging speeds should largely coincide with what the iPhone 14 offers in the same departments, although it’s a bit premature to take such details for granted.

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