Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K Price Drops to $1,575 USD – Newsshooter

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Blackmagic Design has announced a temporary price drop for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K. For a limited time, you can purchase the next generation digital cinema camera with 6K full-frame sensor, OLPF and L-Mount. Plus Blackmagic RAW and H.264 proxy recording for cloud workflows for just $1,575, a 40% savings. According to Blackmagic Design, this deal is available for a limited time.

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This is a pretty decent savings for this camera considering its capabilities.

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Most important features

  • Full-frame 6K HDR sensor
  • Up to 6K36 fps Open Gate / 4K anamorphic
  • Active Leica L mount, OLPF filter
  • 13 stops of dynamic range
  • Dual 400/3200 native ISOs
  • Focus and iris control for certain lenses
  • 5″ Tiltable LCD touchscreen
  • CFexpress Type-B card recording
  • Support for 3D LUT and L-mount metadata
  • HDMI, USB-C, 2 x Mini-XLR audio ports

Full frame 6K sensor

  • A huge full-frame sensor with a native resolution of 6048 x 4032 lets you shoot with shallow depth of field and use anamorphic lenses that aren’t cropped for a truly cinematic look.
  • The sensor’s 13 stops of dynamic range with dual native 400 and 3200 ISOs up to 25,600 deliver stunning, low-noise images in all lighting conditions, including bright sunlight and very low light.
  • The full-frame sensor of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K offers the possibility to work in different film formats and aspect ratios without sacrificing quality.
  • By using the full area of ​​the sensor you get a unique 3:2 open port image, which also allows you to reframe your shots in post-production.
  • The large sensor enables true 6:5 anamorphic images without cropping, producing detailed, cinematic widescreen images in higher resolutions than previously possible.
  • Use the classic Super35 format window on the sensor to get an instant close-up of your shot that blends seamlessly with open port images.

Leica L mount

  • The Leica L lens mount accommodates the full-frame sensor of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K while ensuring compatibility with both new and vintage lenses. With a large diameter of 51.6 mm, the L mount is compatible with the latest full-frame lenses from manufacturers such as Leica, Panasonic and Sigma.
  • The very short flange distance of just 20mm allows you to easily add Canon EF, ARRI PL and other adapters for a variety of lens mounts without affecting image quality.
  • The separately sold EF adapter enables lens control and data transfer for compatible lenses.

Please note: If this camera is paired with certain Panasonic lenses, images may be affected. Specifically, the Lumix S 24-105mm f/4 Macro OIS and Lumix S Pro 16-35mm f/4 use a switching power supply, which can radiate noise to the sensor. Multiple resolutions and frame rates

  • The Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K captures all standard resolutions and frame rates, from HD to DCI 4K and 6K, with photos available up to 24.6 MP.
  • Video speeds include 6048 x 4032 3:2 open port at 36 fps, 6048 x 2520 2.4:1 at 60 fps and 4096 x 2160 DCI 4K at 60 fps.
  • Higher frame rates are captured with a windowed sensor at speeds up to 2112 x 1184 Super16 at 100 fps.
  • True anamorphic 6:5 at much higher resolutions than other cameras is available using anamorphic lenses in 4838 x 4032 4.8K at 24 fps.

Post-friendly file formats

  • High-resolution Blackmagic Raw footage lets you control detail, lighting and color during post-production.
  • The Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K can also record HD H.264 proxies in real time, so you can easily share media around the world in just minutes.
  • Blackmagic Raw is highly optimized, multi-threaded and can run on multiple CPU cores. It features GPU acceleration to work with Apple Metal, CUDA and OpenCL. This means your images always maintain unprecedented resolution and quality for color, keying, composition, reframing, stabilization and tracking in HD, 4K or 6K. Media files work on all operating systems, and you can format media cards and drives in HFS+ for Mac and ExFAT for Windows.

5″ LCD touchscreen

  • The bright HDR 5-inch touchscreen LCD can be used for framing, focusing and applying 3D LUTs for monitoring.
  • On-screen overlays show status, recording parameters, histograms, peaking, frame guides, levels and more.
  • The tilt function makes it easy to view and adjust your settings, especially when shooting in high or low mode.

CFexpress or external disk recording | DaVinci Resolve included

  • The Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K records internally using a CFexpress card or externally via the USB-C port to an SSD or flash media drive.
  • Both more durable and faster than older media forms, the CFexpess cards can record up to 12-bit full-resolution Blackmagic Raw files.
  • A 256GB CFexpress card can capture more than an hour of UHD 6K footage.
  • The high speed of the CFexpress cards allows you to edit them directly using the included DaVinci Resolve software.

Gen 5 Color Science

  • Featuring the same Generation 5 color science as the high-end URSA Mini Pro 12K, the Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K delivers even better image quality with stunning, accurate skin tones and faithful color reproduction in every shot.
  • A new dynamic 12-bit gamma curve is designed to capture more color data in the highlights and shadows for more beautiful images.
  • The Gen 5 color science also handles some of the complex Blackmagic RAW image processing, ensuring that color and dynamic range data from the sensor is preserved via metadata that can be used in post-production. This means you get images that have a natural, film-like response to color adjustments in post using DaVinci Resolve.

Professional connectors

  • The Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K may be compact, but it packs a range of professional interfaces.
  • Connectors include a full-size HDMI video output, a USB-C extension and 12VDC ports.

Built-in microphones and Pro Audio inputs

  • Professional audio support includes two mini-XLR inputs with +48V phantom power for recording two separate audio tracks.
  • Audio features include four built-in, shock and wind resistant microphones with an extremely low noise floor.
  • This camera also includes a 3.5mm stereo input, a playback speaker and a 3.5mm headphone output.

Bluetooth camera remote control

  • Gain full control of your BMCC 6K G2 via Bluetooth up to 30 feet away.
  • Use the Blackmagic Camera Control app for your iPad.
  • Use third-party apps, such as Bluetooth+ or Trigger, on your iOS and Android devices.
  • Ideal for boom, jib arm or other difficult to reach setups or locations.

Carbon fiber composite construction

  • The Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K has a mini form made from a lightweight carbon fiber polycarbonate composite.
  • It features a multi-function handle with full controls for shooting, ISO, WB and shutter angle settings at your fingertips.
  • Zoom, high frame rate, setup menus and playback are available via the conveniently placed controls on the rear panel.

DaVinci Resolve Studio license included

  • This camera includes a full version of the DaVinci Resolve Studio software.
  • Features include a new clipping page with intelligent tools and functions to help you quickly find, edit, and quickly output the footage you want.
  • Use DaVinci Resolve for editing, color correction, audio post-production and visual effects.

Horizontal or vertical shot

  • Easily create cinematic vertical content for TikTok, YouTube Shorts and other social media platforms.
  • The on-screen HUD (heads-up) display rotates, keeping crucial information such as frame rate, shutter angle and frame guides easily visible.
  • Clips are automatically tagged as vertical so they appear correctly in your timeline and can be easily uploaded to your channel with direct export to TikTok and YouTube.

Energy options

  • Power the Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K using Sony L-series type NP-F570 batteries, the included AC adapter with international plugs or the separately available Battery Pro Grip.
  • Battery trickle charging is possible via the USB-C expansion port.