Municipality refuses to collect waste with ‘wrong colored handles’

Residents in parts of Cornwall where the council’s new waste collection service has started are trying to find out why their waste is not being collected. They have been told this is because they use seagull proof bags – with the wrong colored handles, black instead of white.

A number of people have accused Cornwall Council of wasting money and are annoyed at the irony that the black handle bin bags they have been using so far are included in the white handle bin bags with the rest of their white handle bin bags have to go. 0 because they cannot be recycled. The council states that a new standardized service will be much more effective and will promote recycling.

Gary Miller wrote to CornwallLive asking: “I’m wondering if you are aware of the number of people who have been refused waste collection because the seagull proof bags have ‘the wrong color handles’? My collection was refused today and at the asking the collection team why they didn’t take my waste, their response was that the bag does not have white handles. This is a bag purchased less than a year ago from Cornwall Council’s one stop shop.”

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“We were not given the option to get a new bag when the new bins were delivered and no mention of this was made to my property. I noticed today that this is the case in many towns in Cornwall where the new bin is there There is a collection program; Facebook seems to report many such incidents.”

He added: “Unfortunately I am in a position where I cannot have access to one of the large bins as I have no rear access to my property nor are there any sidewalks outside of it. My only option would be to leave the trash in the trash. This road exacerbates the limited parking problem we already have on this street and quite frankly makes the area look very untidy. As a taxpayer and resident of Cornwall Council I find this far from satisfactory.’

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