Family misses out on £2,500 holiday due to ‘minor’ passport blunder

The pair, along with their 6-year-old daughter, were left distraught after staff at Manchester airport spotted an ink stain in the father’s passport and refused to let him board a plane to Turkey.

The father was denied boarding after a lightly marked blue ink stain was found on his passport(Kennedy News & Media)

A family ended up abandoning their £2,500 holiday after airline staff refused to let one of them board a flight, citing an ink stain in their passport.

Charlotte Estlick, her husband Myk and their six-year-old daughter Nyla were due to fly from Manchester Airport to Dalaman in Turkey on May 3 for a package holiday with TUI. But when airport staff objected to Myk’s passport, he was denied boarding. Yet Myk claims he had presented the same passport for eight years without any problems and even used the document to travel to Dalaman last May.

Mum-of-one Charlotte, from Rochdale, said their little girl was ‘left crying’ as the trio couldn’t enjoy the holiday they spent almost £2,500 on with extras. The 28-year-old added that the passport office had not had availability for emergency passports for a few days – meaning Myk would have missed most of the trip.

Because she did not want to fly without her husband, Charlotte decided to abandon the trip. The stay-at-home mum described TUI staff as ‘petty’ when she shared images of Myk’s passport in a Facebook post, which was flooded with comments from users who couldn’t see the stain.

Charlotte posted a photo of the passport on Facebook and several users couldn’t see the stain(Kennedy News & Media)
The trio were left devastated that they couldn’t go on the trip(Kennedy News & Media)

According to government guidelines, a passport can be classified as damaged if the data is indecipherable or if there are ink stains on the pages. Charlotte said: “We got to the airport in plenty of time, we weighed our bags and collected our tags from the self-check-in area at the airport and then went to the TUI desk to check our boarding passes and passports. I gave them to the TUI representative and she told me she had to go check my husband’s passport.’

“She then came back and went to check with someone else. We all stood there and handed the passport to another woman and she told us that they would not accept my husband’s passport. I didn’t understand why and I told her we went to the same place last year and the year before with the same passport. In the passport you can see all visa stamps [letting us into Turkey].”

“The TUI reps were not helpful at all. One said to me if we can get the ink off you can go. I asked her how and she just shrugged her shoulders. I knew I needed a deodorant or something with alcohol in it to get it off and I started asking people and looking for a place to find something.”

“After trying to get the ink stain out of the passport, I accidentally made a small tear in the passport and then I knew they definitely wouldn’t accept it. My husband had worked hard all year to go on vacation and I I don’t want to leave alone with Nyla without him because I wouldn’t feel comfortable.”

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