Brief review Huawei MateBook X Pro: so light that I can hold it with two fingers

Huawei’s laptops have always been known for being slim, but its latest, the 2024 MateBook This Intel Core 9 Ultra-powered laptop with a 14.2-inch screen weighs just 980 grams and measures just 13.5 mm.

It’s so light that I can only hold it with my thumb and index finger by the corners, like in the picture above. While I wouldn’t call this a natural or comfortable grip, my fingers only feel strained after a few minutes. This is of course an extreme test. In real situations, no one holds a laptop like that. But I actually put my open palm under the laptop base to watch videos or read emails, to keep my neck from reaching down for too long.

And this is a screen you’ll want to use for watching videos: 14.2-inch, 3K resolution, OLED screen that displays more vibrant colors than the LED panels in the MacBook Air.

The aluminum laptop also has this unique matte coating with a texture similar to paper. It doesn’t sound premium, and I think smooth, cold metal feels more ‘hi-tech’, but I really like the grip and subtle paper-like texture of the laptop. It’s different from most other laptops on the market.

The rest of the MateBook X Pro hardware is all premium too. The six-speaker setup delivers very vibrant sound (examples in the video below), and the keyboard and trackpad are spacious, with the latter offering very solid haptic feedback.

The port includes a pair of Thunderbolt 4.0 USB-C ports (on the left) and a single regular USB-C port (on the right). You can charge the laptop using any of the ports, it’s nice that you have the option to charge from the left or right side of the machine. There is also a switch on the right side that is used to “turn off” the camera. So if you have the switch on, even though you open the camera app within the laptop, the camera will not work. I assume this button is for people who are worried about their webcam being hacked (people who put a piece of tape over their camera). However, if someone were that suspicious/paranoid, I’m not sure a physical switch would be enough to convince them that their camera is ‘off’. They still just want to put a sticker on to physically cover the camera.

Speaking of the camera, the quality is solid, as you can see in the video above. It’s 1080p quality and the audio recording is solid.

I mainly use the MateBook X Pro as a casual productivity machine, such as writing emails, articles, and reading words. Part of my workflow involves video editing, and while this laptop should have enough power to handle it, I just hate editing videos on Windows machines. For better or worse, I have completely switched to Final Cut Pro (Apple software) for all my video needs.

But I did play games on the MateBook Asphalt 9 with ease, without stuttering during intensive sessions.

The laptop has a 72Wh battery and my device comes with a 90W charger. This allows me to charge the laptop from 0-100 in an hour, which is nice.

The MateBook X Pro runs on Windows 11, with some built-in Huawei software. I’ve covered this software before, essentially they allow the MateBook Once synced, you can easily move files between phone and laptop. You can even mirror the phone screen on the laptop and control the phone on the MateBook. Other Chinese brands like Xiaomi have started something similar with their products, but Huawei’s implementation has been the smoothest.

The rest of the software performance is typical Windows fare, which means you’re a fan or you’re not. There’s nothing stopping the laptop from behaving like a premium Windows laptop.

The Huawei MateBook But it does cost a pretty penny. The MateBook X Pro starts at €1,999, which is about $2,200. It’s slightly cheaper in Asian regions like Hong Kong, but still a premium laptop at premium prices. But that has always been Huawei’s way of working. Selling you affordable devices is not in this business. It’s here to prove that it makes the best tech products in the world. I don’t like Windows, I have to admit. But in terms of external hardware such as display, form factor and keyboard? This is much better than the MacBook Pro.

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