The new driving law will bring major changes to all UK roads by 2026

A new driving law will have a significant impact on all UK roads within a few years.

The Department for Transport confirmed that self-driving vehicles could land on UK roads after a new Automated Vehicles (AV) Act came into force today (May 20). The AV Bill, which was announced earlier in the King’s Speech, could create more than 38,000 new jobs in a £42 billion sector, according to the government.

The new law requires all self-driving vehicles to reach a safety level where they are as careful and competent as human drivers, while meeting other safety checks. The government added that potential deaths and injuries from drink driving, speeding and fatigue could be reduced.

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Transport Secretary Mark Harper said: “Britain is on the brink of an automotive revolution and this new law is a milestone for our self-driving industry, which has the potential to change the way we travel forever. Although this is not the case By taking away people’s ability to drive themselves, our groundbreaking legislation means that self-driving vehicles could be rolled out on UK roads as early as 2026, providing a real boost to both safety and our economy .”

Automated vehicles are also expected to improve road safety by reducing human error – which contributes to 88 percent of road accidents. The law also provides a legal framework for who is liable for AVs.

It means that drivers with vehicles in self-driving mode are not responsible for the operation of the vehicle. In the meantime, companies including insurers, software developers and car manufacturers will be able to bear the responsibility.

Trials of AVs have already taken place in the UK, with Wayve and Oxa exploring the use of self-driving cars in London and Oxford. Wayve itself has secured $1 billion in investment for its AI technology.

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