Playing Hades 2 in Early Access is the best way to experience Supergiant’s evolving roguelike

Hades 2

As with all Early Access games, Hades 2 comes with a dilemma: do you play now, knowing it’s not quite finished yet, or do you wait for the release of 1.0, whenever that may be? Fortunately, the decision for Hades 2 is easier to defend than most. You should absolutely play it now, and not just because of FOMO or impatience. Instead, you should experience how the Early Access journey is woven into the story.

You may have heard that Hades 2 is absolutely packed with stuff. There already is more than Hades 1 managed to fit in even when it was fully released. And yes, there’s plenty that makes it worth playing in its current state. Now that I’m almost 30 hours in, I’m still surprised by new discoveries, I still have recipes I’m saving for, and I still have some relationships that need improving.

Myth in the making

Hades 2 characters Titan of Time Chronos

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But there’s more to it than that. You should play Hades 2 in Early Access for the same reason you played Hades 1: because it makes thematic sense. The game’s repeated catchphrase, Time cannot be stopped, is currently true. I won’t reveal anything here, but I don’t have to. All you need to know is that the game isn’t finished yet. You can’t kick Chronos out of the House of Hades and save the day. You must experience the same purgatory as Melinoe, cursed to try again and again and never succeed.

Divine DNA

Hades 2 announcement trailer

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