Taxi driver who cheated death and has the scar to prove it

When Campbell Gillespie tells the passengers in the back of his cab that he has been struck by lightning, they think he is spinning a thread.

“I have to show them my chest where my gold chain evaporated into my skin,” he says, laughing. “Then they say, ‘oh my God,’ and I don’t hear a peep from them anymore.”

In August 2003, the Scot, who lives in Prescot with his wife Christine, was struck by a direct bolt of lightning in the chest while training for a half marathon in Waterloo Park. As several million volts coursed through his body, he fell face first into a deep puddle.

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Speaking to the ECHO, Campbell, who has no memory of the day itself but can vividly describe it from witnesses’ recollections, said: “I went 50 feet in the air and then came face down again. ”

The leaf lightning struck a gold chain Campbell wore around his neck. The chain fell apart, but the gold cross attached to it – which his grandmother had given him as a gift – survived without a mark.

Only the quick-thinking actions of his friends saved his life. They pulled him out of the pool to prevent him from drowning, after which one of them administered first aid. Campbell said: “My running mate kept me alive for 20 minutes while the ambulances were on their way. He couldn’t give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation because my face was destroyed. He just had to give me chest compressions – he literally hit me. in the chest to keep me alive.”

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