‘Woman rightfully tried to claim three airplane seats for herself – I had the last laugh’

A woman has shared her reaction on social media after a flight attendant offered her a ‘better seat’ on a plane – much to the chagrin of another passenger

She was offered a better airplane seat (stock)(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

If you are traveling by plane, it is advisable to reserve your seat in advance to ensure maximum comfort on board your flight. However, despite knowing this, a large number of passengers leave their seat assignments to chance at the check-in counter.

That’s exactly what one woman decided to do during a three-hour flight with her 19-month-old son sitting on her lap. The 31-year-old said on Reddit: “My son, who is not yet two, has to sit on my lap. I also had a large backpack with all the essentials that I keep on the floor and easily accessible. It can get busy quickly. , but that’s just the way it is when you travel alone with a young child.

“I was assigned a random seat (12C) upon check-in and ended up standing in a row with no other empty seat. While I appreciate having an empty seat next to me as it greatly improves our flying experience, It is not an expectation that I have and I never ask about it during the inspection.”

But to her surprise, after boarding she was approached by a flight attendant and offered a ‘better seat’ on the plane. She added: ‘A flight attendant came up to me and offered to move us three rows higher (9C) as there were two seats available and they usually try to accommodate people with young children.

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  • “I was delighted and immediately accepted it. The flight attendant helped me move my things and explained the situation to the other passenger in row nine. The passenger did not appreciate it at all, she started complaining to the flight attendant that she was planning to was to sleep during the flight, and that it would now be impossible.

    “That she specifically chose this seat when checking online because the row was empty and now it’s going to be a nightmare.” However, the flight attendant reminded the passenger that she had only paid for one of the three seats and was not entitled to the full row.

    “The woman then told me that I should be ashamed of imposing all this noise on people who were just trying to enjoy their flight,” she said. “Especially because it wasn’t even my seat and I didn’t even pay for it. To be honest, I’m not very good at confrontation, I usually end up crying or apologizing, so I just ignored her completely, like she didn’t say anything at all. That made her even angrier, but after a while she finally stopped complaining.

    “My son only ended up crying once, I got some stinky eyes and some other rude comments, but all in all the flight was much more comfortable for us this way so I don’t really regret switching seats .But I do wonder if I am the ******, it is true that I did not pay for that seat and it was not my original assigned seat.”

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