Some phones are about to get an update that will actually give your battery a boost

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We’ve all been there… (Photo: Getty)

What’s the biggest complaint we all have about our smartphones? Not the fact that they follow us everywhere or share all our data, but the fact that their batteries are often worthless.

Well, happy days – the new Android 15 can give your phone a three-hour battery boost.

Sorry iPhone beeps, you may still need to bring a charger.

Google unveiled a lot of new tech at its annual I/O event last week, including news about Android 15, but it wasn’t until later that this particular gem emerged, when Dave Burke, Android’s VP of Engineering, appeared and spoke on the Android Faithful podcast with his co-host Mishall Rahman for Android Authority.

He revealed that the new software would enter sleep mode about 50% faster than Android 14. Sleep mode reduces battery usage by managing how apps behave when the device is unused for an extended period of time, so they aren’t constantly buzzing . .

Mr Burke revealed that during testing, the Google team had seen an extra three hours of battery life with the latest tweaks – which is basically a night out if your phone tends to die straight after work.

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Smartphones have a shorter battery life than their ‘dumb’ predecessors (Photo: Getty)

Of course, many Android phones already offer much longer battery life compared to their predecessors, and the new software doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the full three hours of extra scrolling – especially right after the update, which could have an impact on performance. battery for a day or more. two. However, it is a good sign that the entire system needs to become more efficient.

The main question of course is when will it be available?

Google only released Android 14 in October, so it’s unlikely to launch before October, but if you stick to the same schedule it could arrive in the fall of 2024, alongside the rumored Google Pixel 9 launch.

This year’s offering could also include the Google Pixel 9 Pro XL, which is expected to have a larger screen and better battery performance than its siblings.

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Google unveiled a number of updates to Android 15 last week (Photo: Getty)

What else is coming in Android 15?

Android 15 users will be offered a completely separate, private space for apps and data they don’t want to show on their main screen, similar to Samsung’s Secure Folder.

This allows people to hide sensitive apps and information (such as photo albums or Chrome) in a separate section within the app drawer, which require additional authentication to open, such as a passcode or fingerprint. That means even if family or friends get their hands on your phone, they still won’t be able to view some content.

Also on the security front, Theft Detection Lock will use AI to detect if your phone has been snatched at high speed and lock the screen automatically – meaning that even if thieves grab your device, they won’t be able to get into it.

The same automatic lock also kicks in if too many incorrect authentication attempts are made.

There’s also an update to the passkeys, with the account selection screen and confirmation screen now combined into one.

And one update could be making waves: users can now set custom vibrations for specific notification channels. This means that those who live with our phones on silent (that is, most of us) will know by a buzz in our pocket whether the last notification is a WhatsApp, text or email.

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