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MultiVersus developer Player First Games has outlined the game’s new launch plans, including the content of the premium battle pass, and revealed how monetization will work.

Warner Bros.’ Smash Bros.-style brawler will launch on May 28 after being taken offline following what is now being called the open beta period.

In a blog post, Player First Games says that returning players who log in before June 11 will receive the Season 1 premium battle pass for free. This means that from Friday the 13th they will also get the playable character Jason Voorhees for free.

Image credit: Warner Bros.  Games.
Image credit: Warner Bros. Games.

Player First Games revealed a first look at the battle pass interface, which gives off strong Fortnite vibes. “We have increased the number of valuable items in both the free and premium tiers by adding more ringouts, character variants, taunts and currency,” said Player First Games.

You can now earn the premium currency (Gleamium) through both tiers, which can be used to purchase various in-game items, whether for new characters or to save up for the next season’s premium battle pass.

Jason Voorhees is part of the premium battle pass, as are more variants, ringouts, taunts, and currency. With the premium battle pass you can also earn enough Gleamium to get the next premium battle pass, Player First Games confirmed. Jason Voorhees will also be available via character tokens or in-game currency when the pass is over.

At launch, the Season 1 Battle Pass will be valid for eight weeks, and the final level of the pass is repeatable, so you can keep playing and earning rewards even if you reach the end early.

Image credit: Warner Bros.  Games.
Image credit: Warner Bros. Games.

Returning players who already have existing character tokens in their inventory can still use them to unlock characters, but MultiVersus will not be offering new character tokens at launch. No new Battle Pass tokens will be offered either, but if you already have some you can still use them to unlock the premium Battle Pass tier.

Player First Games has introduced new replacement currencies “to focus more on specific reward types.” Fighter currency can be earned in the game and used to obtain fighters. “Please note that Fighter Currency is different from Character Tokens and cannot be exchanged for Character Tokens,” Player First Games warned. Players can also try out new characters through the weekly free character rotation, which works the same way as during the open beta.

Meanwhile, there is a separate Perk currency that you can use to get perks. And there’s a Prestige currency that “rewards players for all the items and cosmetics they collect for their favorite fighters.” Each cosmetic item you receive is assigned its own Prestige currency value based on type and rarity. Ultimately, you’ll use your Prestige currency to unlock Prestige cosmetics, which represent the rarest cosmetics in the game, explains Player First Games. These items can only be unlocked with Prestige currency.

“When we launch, all returning players will be allocated Prestige currency based on the number of cosmetics they acquired during the open beta as a reward for all previous purchases and unlocks,” the developer added.

That’s four separate virtual currencies for the free-to-play brawler. It’s all a bit confusing, so hopefully the image below adds some clarity:

Image credit: Warner Bros.  Games.
Image credit: Warner Bros. Games.

The previously available gold currency is no more. Player First Games said it will hand out commemorative cosmetics that correlate with the gold a player earns during the open beta. These are exclusive items that cannot be earned in any other way.

And finally, Player First Games resets all the benefits of the open beta. As mentioned, perks are now unlocked using the Perk Currency, which you can achieve by playing the game, and all players will receive an allocation corresponding to the number of perks unlocked during the open beta. Player and account mastery tracks will be set to level one at launch. “Mastery Tracks are a great way to give you both short- and long-term goals as you get started, and ultimately we want to give all players the opportunity to earn lots of items,” said Player First Games.

Earlier this week, Warner Bros. revealed two new playable characters for MultiVersus: the aforementioned Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th and Agent Smith from The Matrix. Jason Voorhees and Agent Smith join the MultiVersus roster alongside DC Super-Villain The Joker (voiced by Mark Hamill) as part of Season 1: Puns & Villainy. Jason Voorhees will be available at launch, while Agent Smith will appear later in the season.

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