Offensive outbursts from wine-guzzling passengers on flight from Spain to Newcastle

A drunken holidaymaker caused fear and suffering in the air by shouting and swearing during a flight from Spain to Newcastle.

Tipsy April Wilson was upset as she boarded the Jet2 flight in Alicante along with 187 other passengers and cabin crew. There were repeated attempts to calm the 58-year-old. She continued to shout and swear, including at two female cabin crew members.

Wilson, of Front Street, Houghton-le-Spring, was given a suspended prison sentence during a hearing at Newcastle Crown Court.

The court heard that when Wilson boarded the flight, which left Spain for Newcastle Airport at 11.25am on November 19, cabin crew noticed she looked angry and asked if she was okay. The hearing was told that her anger and rage were mainly directed at her partner.

Midway through the flight, a number of passengers complained about her behaviour, saying she was drunk and kept swearing, with one staff member hearing her say “f***” repeatedly. She was asked to stop, but she didn’t. As the cabin crew member walked away, a slurring Wilson said: “f*** her” and when again told to stop swearing, he replied: “What the f*** are you going to do, you stupid little cow”.

The flight manager then approached her to try to calm her down and Wilson referred to someone, who appeared to be her partner, who she said was challenging her. Wilson appeared upset and said, “You don’t understand, I need a hug” and tried to grab the flight manager to hug her.

The manager made her a hot drink, but Wilson continued to curse, and when the plane landed in Newcastle she unfastened her seat belt and tried to get out of her seat.

The court heard a number of passengers complained about her and two who sat next to her were moved to another seat early in the flight. After disembarking from the plane at Newcastle Airport, Wilson was arrested.

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