Due to a massive Microsoft outage, Bing.com DuckDuckGo and ChatGPT have been taken offline

  • Microsoft has said they are investigating the cause of the problem
  • DuckDuckGo issued a brief statement about X confirming that their service was down

Bing.com, Microsoft’s search engine, was hit by a major outage early on Thursday, with the problem apparently spreading to the brand’s application programming interface, meaning services like DuckDuckGo were also down.

According to reports, the outage will also affect ChatGPT and Ecosia. Despite Google’s dominance in the world of web search, Bing’s API has numerous high-profile customers.

DuckDuckGo issued a brief statement about

Announcement: We’re currently experiencing an issue with DuckDuckGo Search that may be preventing you from getting results. Thank you for your patience as we get our ducks in a row…,” the company said.

About the X account Microsoft365 Status, the company said they were “investigating an issue where users may not be able to access the Microsoft Copilot service.” We are trying to determine the cause of the problem.’

DuckDuckGo’s statement about the outage posted at 9:21 a.m. GMT
The message that greeted Bing users in the early hours of Thursday

Downdector.com says there was a spike in outage reports for Bing.com just after 2 a.m. eastern time, while DuckDuckGo was also reported as offline at the same time.

In several reports on X, users said they were greeted with a blank page or a 429 HTTP code error when trying to log in.

Both Bing.com and DuckDuckGo were loading, but neither returned search results when a search query was typed.

The cause of the problem has not been identified.

DuckDuckGo is a private company. In September 2023, founder Gabriel Weinberg announced that it brings in about $100 million in annual revenue while handling only 2.5 percent of U.S. searches.

By comparison, Google’s parent company Alphabet has revenues of almost $240 billion. During a congressional testimony last year, Weinberg confirmed that much of DuckDuckGo’s search capabilities came from Microsoft’s Bing search engine and were not homegrown.

The company had allowed Microsoft to track some DuckDuckGo users until a security researcher flagged the practice in 2022.

The Bing outage was first reported around 2 a.m. eastern time
DuckDuckGo, which accounts for about 2.5 percent of searches in the US, remained offline in the early hours of Thursday

Microsoft’s last major outage came in January 2024, when the tech giant’s Teams brand went bankrupt in the Americas.

Teams is a messaging and video conferencing app with an average of over 320 million monthly users.

That same month, Microsoft confirmed that a Russian state-sponsored group had hacked into its corporate systems on January 12 and stolen some emails and documents from staff accounts.

The Russian group had access to “a very small percentage” of Microsoft corporate email accounts, including members of its senior leadership team and employees in cybersecurity, legal and other functions, the company said.

Microsoft’s threat research team routinely investigates nation-state hackers, such as Russia’s ‘Midnight Blizzard’, who they believe are responsible.

The company said its investigation into the breach indicated that the hackers initially targeted Microsoft to learn what the tech giant knew about its activities.

The company said the hackers used a “password spray attack” to breach a Microsoft platform starting in November 2023. Hackers use this technique to infiltrate a company’s systems by using the same compromised password for multiple related accounts.

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