Design flare: Shimano GRX Di2 goes 12sp, adds flare-optimized hoods and satellite shifters

New Shimano GRX 12 speed

Shimano GRX is now a well-established part of the gravel scene, and while last year saw the launch of a wired 12-speed GRX, we are now seeing the launch of a 12-speed Di2 version. The main changes, in addition to the addition of an extra cog, are a revised hood design to better suit flared bars, and added button functionality and the ability to use satellite switches.

Like Dura-Ace, Ultegra and 105, the new GRX Di2 (RX825 in Shimano coding) is semi-wireless, with wireless controls on the hoods, but a wired connection between the battery and the front and rear derailleurs. Although we recently saw a patent for a fully wireless Shimano 13-speed groupset, at least it’s now clear that this wasn’t a new GRX.

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