“Google is dead.” Google’s desperate attempt to prey on Microsoft’s search AI has reportedly led to the company recommending eating rocks

Google on a PC with a weird robot

What you need to know

  • Google recently acquired exclusive rights to reddit content to power its AI.
  • Google’s AI has now gone completely crazy.
  • Users with access to Google’s AI search have reported that Google recommends eating rocks and glue and possibly even committing suicide – although not every reported answer has been reproduced.
  • Comparative searches in ChatGPT and Bing AI yield far, far less damaging results, potentially highlighting the need for high-quality, curated data, rather than billions of sarcasm-laden social media posts.

Google’s desperation to keep up with Microsoft Copilot has led to poor results in the past, but this latest flaw is on a different level.

Recently, Google acquired exclusive rights to reddit content to support its generative AI search efforts. The deal reportedly cost around $60 million and provided a lifeline for the struggling social network that remains far more popular than profitable. So good news for Reddit, but perhaps not so good news for Google.

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