Hundreds captured by Cornwall’s only red light camera – for now

Hundreds of motorists have been caught by Cornwall’s only red light camera, new figures reveal. The camera in Truro has captured almost 600 red light jumpers. And we can now reveal that the province is about to get another one.

A recent Freedom of Information (FoI) request responded to by Devon and Cornwall Police revealed that there are currently four locations in the two counties where red light cameras are in place. Police confirmed that in recent years a number of people had been caught running red lights, but this was only because red light cameras (RLCs) had spotted them and not because they were spotted by a sharp-eyed and conveniently placed person. cop.

CornwallLive asked the force’s Freedom of Information team why the response contained only four sets of data – and was told it was because there were only four of these types of cameras. Three are in Plymouth and one is on Tregolls Road in Truro – the only one in the entire county, but this was about to change.

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According to the Road Safety Team, the red light camera on Tregolls Road in Truro collected a whopping 575 red light runners since it went live in April 2022. The location also has a speed camera that has caught more than 3,000 motorists in one month alone – June 2022.

Meanwhile, Alma Road in Plymouth saw 149 violations take place under the keen eye of the red light camera that was installed (or rather upgraded) in October 2020. The camera is one of the city’s busiest, triggering a total of 18,838 speed cameras between 2016 and 2018. The nearby Mannamead Road red light camera, which only went live in February 2020, has caught just 36 motorists ignoring the signals.

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