Woman caught applying makeup while another driver uses laptop

‘Shocking’ footage has been captured of a woman applying her make-up behind the wheel. Driving along the M40 in morning traffic, this motorist is so focused on applying her make-up that she doesn’t notice the police officers driving alongside her.

And according to National Highways, even when officers in an unmarked truck cab honk, she continues to apply her makeup, the car swerving as she focuses on the mirror. This is one of three newly released images from National Highways highlighting some of the ‘shocking driving’ police have spotted using unmarked trucks.

It comes ahead of a multi-agency week of action that will target unsafe drivers along the entire length of the M6. The second footage shows a van driver steering with his knees while eating his fast food. Without hands on the wheel, he eats a portion of fries, held in his right hand, before picking up his drink with his left hand.

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Police think he is on a hands-free phone call but then catches a truck in the second lane of the M6 ​​as he drives past Corley Services. Everything was captured on camera by the police who drove alongside in the Operation Tram Line truck.

Meanwhile, in a third incident, a motorist is spotted driving along the M40 with a phone in her hand, apparently scrolling through her messages, and at one point with both hands off the wheel. The surprised officers then see the driver ‘doing something’ with her laptop next to her.

She hangs up the phone as the police let her know they’re there – after alerting their colleagues riding behind. All three incidents were captured by Warwickshire Police who patrolled the unmarked truck for just two days as part of the Operation Tramline safety campaign. A total of 63 violations were found.

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