‘Stellar Blade’ Patch: Boss Rush Mode and ‘Uncensored’ Outfits

Stellar Blade has received its first major patch, adding some major new challenging content and putting an end to what was one of the most bizarre controversies at launch. This is what was added:

Boss Rush Mode: This is a new challenge where players are tasked with fighting all the game’s bosses in different environments as a new activity. This challenge rewards, what else, a brand new outfit in the game, the Neurolink set that you see below:

Quality of life: They added a few things like auto-lock when exiting distance mode, an option to show the compass in the HUD, and they increased the time limit for puzzles. There are also some improvements to the balance and controls, but I’m not sure we know all the details yet.

Kunoichi Outfits: These are two new outfits that the game says are available at Adam’s Safehouse, but I just got the message that they were automatically added to my inventory when I logged in. You don’t have to buy the patterns or pay to make them. They are very good! (one is the main image above, the other is a gray variant).

“Uncensored” Outfits: Here we go. After months of complaints that Stellar Blade had been “censored,” presumably on behalf of Sony, regarding two of Eve’s outfits in particular, they ended that dispute.

SHIFT UP claimed that the outfits on the disc were not the “intended” end result for those outfits, so the small amount of extra material added wasn’t for censorship reasons, it was simply a design choice (there are many more revealing outfits in the game).

That didn’t satisfy a certain audience, who insisted this was purposeful censorship, something they believe was demanded by Sony for release, despite there being no evidence that this was the case. This resulted in a #FreeStellarBlade social media campaign that mainly focused on the outfits.

Now Stellar Blade has released two outfits that don’t patch or change the old outfits, which still look the same, but are variants with the “censored” parts removed. In other words, they are very revealing in the pelvic and chest area, as nature apparently intended. Essentially everyone who was upset about this considers it a win, although some still say “make the original outfits uncensored!” like that even matters more with the release of this. You pick these up from Roxanne, the black market dealer. They cost 10 Vitcoin each and must be created. Yet easy to obtain.

As this all unfolded, I said I thought SHIFT UP would eventually do something like this: change the original outfits or do what they’re doing here. They’re a company that’s been absolutely vocal about their intention to create sexy characters, and insisting that outfits weren’t sexy enough in a game full of extremely sexy outfits was probably always going to make them say, “Okay, whatever , here are sexier.” versions,” so here we are.

The bad part of this is that the “culture war” people have been rewarded here for their downright ridiculous campaign criticizing this game, the developers, Sony, and everyone else for the original outfit changes as some kind of conspiracy that didn’t exist. The outfits themselves are fine (again, there are a dozen outfits that are at least this revealing in the game), but this is a “reward” for this group and their behavior doesn’t look great.

Anyway, the most important thing is Boss Rush mode, and that sounds like a fun thing to try now that I’ve maxed out Eve in every other way.

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