Win a pair of Philips Sleep headphones worth £250

Sleep is almost consuming a third of our lives. It is vital for our physical and mental health as well as for our energy and productivity. More than twenty large-scale epidemiological studies all report the same clear connection: the shorter your sleep, the shorter your life.

So anything that helps in this regard is a real life saver in many ways. Meet the Philips Sleep headphones.

With a patented audio fade-out function, advanced noise masking technology and a 6mm statistical 3D shape, making these the thinnest earbuds in the world, Philips Sleep Headphones provide incredible comfort in all sleeping positions, all night long.

Designed by Kokoon in collaboration with TP Vision, the Philips Sleep headphones help users fall asleep faster, while also intelligently protecting their peaceful sleep from outside disturbances.

Audio is the most powerful natural tool to help us fall asleep. It distracts the mind from thoughts or worries and encourages us to relax by lowering cortisol and activating the parasympathetic nervous system. Noise is also the most common cause of sleep disorders. Snoring, traffic, neighbors, young children; these can wake us up or disrupt our sleep, causing us to come out of restorative REM sleep and into lighter, less beneficial sleep.

What is needed is a special product that combines a snug, comfortable fit with great sound and intelligent, adaptive and personalized performance, all combined with accurate sleep monitoring. The Philips Sleep Headphones are exactly that product.

As the world’s thinnest earbuds, all major electronic components have been moved from the earbuds to a shallow housing that sits in the neck – usually undetectable when you lie down. The addition of balanced armature drivers gives the headphones the smallest profile at just 6mm thick, as opposed to the more normal 20+mm housing of most earbuds, making them particularly comfortable for side sleepers.

Philips has updated the design of the original product concept with a new silicone cable sleeve design with a tighter wrap – to reduce pressure on both the outer ear flap and in the ear canal – and has rotated the eartip around the eartip to help avoid the cable getting caught in comes into contact with the sensitive training part of the ear.

The small size of the headphones – now with a choice of five eartip sizes – plus the cable adjustments ensure that the earbuds are always in the right place and that they stay in place all night long.

They even feature SnoreProtectTM technology which uses finely tuned, slowly introduced white noise to smooth out peaks in external noise that can be distracting, helping users experience less disrupted and better quality sleep.

To be in with a chance of winning a pair worth £249.99, all you have to do is answer the simple question below.

The question is: What is the recommended amount of sleep for adults?

Competition closes: June 30, 2024

By entering the competition it is deemed that the entrant accepts the terms and conditions set out below.

Purchase not required.

The prize cannot be exchanged for a cash equivalent.

The prize is not transferable.

One entry per person, no bulk entries or third party entries unless the competition rules require this.

No responsibility can be taken for lost or delayed entries.

The winner must be 18 years or older.

The winner will be selected at random from all correct entries and notified by email.

The winner must confirm acceptance within 7 days of notification. If the winner does not confirm acceptance within this time period, the Promoter shall be entitled to select an alternative winner.

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